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Comment Re:Read the article (Score 1) 266

I would've chucked it in the stainless steel sink in the toilet area (which has its separate ventilation system). No worries then.

Unless, of course, it was already too hot to handle.

Incidentally, airline cabins aren't SEALED: there's a constant flow of fresh air (well, okay, from a jet engine, but that's okay) into the cabin. Otherwise the passengers would probably be running out of oxygen long before they landed.

Comment Being Used Being Consumed? (Score 1) 229

"You eat the cookie, the cookie is gone, but you transmit data over a network, the network is still there and can transmit data endlessly. Mediacom's assertion that the Internet is like a cookie you eat, is like saying copying a file on your computer somehow diminishes or degrades the original file, which of course is ridiculous."

While you're using the network to transmit data, someone else can not. The network has a finite bandwidth: by definition, it can only carry so much. If you're hogging it, someone else is limited.

Two houses are on fire. One home owner has a garden hose; the other has a fire hose. They're both drawing from the same hydrant. The amount of water available is basically unlimited; the water is unchanged no matter which hose it goes through .. but the amount available to be pushed through a hose is not! Now .. who do you think will get the most water on his burning house?

Why is that so hard to understand? Who do you want to be? The owner with the garden hose, or the owner with the fire hose?

Comment Whipping's Too Good For Them! (Score 1) 63

Why does everyone treat these DDOS attacks (and other cyber threats) so lightly? These two punks get a slap on the wrist, and it just goes on and on! There are significant effects from these threats, you know; not just some bank inconvenienced for a day or so, or the release of a new computer game being spoiled.

Public whipping would be nice, actually. I stop short at firing squads .. barely.

Comment The Army Had Some (Score 3, Interesting) 33

I was in the XVIII Corps Automation Management Office in '83-'84 when we bought at least one of these things. They were militarized models with a different, more dust-proof, with fewer electronic emissions. Worked fine: although the GriD-OS was different, it was just as usable as PC-DOS and MS-DOS. The orange screen was different too, but quite usable. (Note the upper-case "D" in "GriD" .. the company was quite insistent on that and would have their feelings hurt if you didn't type it that way in correspondence.)

I seem to recall them costing about $5K back then, quite a bit of money, especially compared to the Apple II's we were using for other purposes. We even took one down to Grenada during the little expedition down there, where it promptly disappeared on its way back for trouble-shooting. (I'm still proud of my successful effort to track it down from Grenada to C-141 to "captured" Soviet truck cab to .. well, it ended up in the supply room of an infantry company in the 82d Airborne Division, where the first sergeant insisted he was just keeping it secure while he went on leave. Could be: he didn't take it home with him :-) I'd have called in El Cid if that had been the case, but as it was I accepted his explanation and just took the GriD back to the office.. Amazing what you can actually accomplish when you're a Special Forces sergeant major :-)

Whole idea was to "automate the Corps" and its subordinate unit headquarters. Very interesting times, and we weren't spending much money or resources at all compared to some other agencies we heard about. We actually got more practical use from the networked Apple II's than we did from the stand-alone (but NOT portable: no batteries) Grids. All history now, ancient history at that, but interesting times indeed.

Comment A Google App? (Score 0, Offtopic) 136

And how long do you think it'll take for the Bad Guys [tm] to invent their own "one-tap app", that will look and act exactly like Google's .. or worse, will be phished or sneaked into your system without your knowing, will act like your phone, and will transmit everything it discovers to its real owners? Lessee, what is today .. Tuesday?

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