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Comment Listen to experts, not a pundits (Score 3, Interesting) 209

A lot of famous people weigh in on the impact of AI. How many of these people have educated themselves to actually understand AI before making claims based upon sci-fi-like assumptions of what it could theoretically be?

Having used machine learning systems the last few months I've come to realize two things:

1) Machine learning and "AI" is much more about augmenting humans than replacing them with simulations
2) A perfect storm of computing hardware and machine learning software is occurring that will have as big an impact in the next 10 years as personal computers, the Internet and mobile technology

Comment Re:I want to love the Surface, but... (Score 1) 186

Tried that; the update issue is on restart. It seems worse on upgraded computers. The fresh install systems seem to behave differently. The only thing that seems to work reliably for me now on many systems upgraded from 8 to 10 is to disable the Windows Update service. I have to now manually enable it periodically and do updates manually.

With extra effort, the issue can be dealt with, but Windows default behavior is getting close to unusable for many applications. Have you had to reload SQL Server after an update yet?

Comment Let's not get too hasty (Score 1) 894

I think it will be a while before machines cause that much loss of jobs. I think machines and AI will augment people, not replace them.

That said, we need to get ready to revamp our insane tax system. A fair income tax should be applied to a worker whether its is human or mechanical. Maybe go to VAT?

Comment Re:Overstepping Constitutional authority (Score 1) 169

By what measure have the last 8 years sucked? Just curious, but please be objective and stick to the facts.

Stock market did well:
GDP slowly rising:
Unemployment steadily decreasing
Steadily decreasing gas prices:
Believe it or not, decreasing crime rate:
No major new gun control laws or other major trampling of the constitution
Many additional safeguards on disadvantaged segments of the population
And finally a reasonable record of kept campaign promises:

To be sure not a perfect record; for example:
Middle East and Syria in particular - probably would have happened regardless
Relations with Russia and China - hard to say what could have been done differently
"Affordable" Health Care Act - although we couldn't live with what we had we should have done better. At least children are covered now...
Education - we owe our children and future more
Care for the environment - oils spills and global warming
Race relations and policing - Black Lives Matter

If you want to pin a failure on Barack Obama, blame him for not finding a way to reach out to congress - let's face it that situation is f'd up. Barack can't get an A on his report card because he failed that test. While maybe the most powerful person around, the president of the US certainly is not omnipotent. I challenge anybody to say they could have really done better.

Comment Re:By Congress (Score 1) 169

In 1989 a solar event caused a widespread long duration blackout in Quebec.

If an event like the 1859 Carrington solar event occurred today, our modern infrastructure would be devastated. The geologic record indicates that these occur at least every few hundred years . At our current state of readiness most of the US could be without power for an estimated six months. The spare parts to repair our power grid simply do not exist. Because so much of our economy runs on technology dependent credit (not cash) the world would face a rapid economic collapse. No phones, no internet, no fuel and soon no food - no joke. http://news.nationalgeographic...

Fortunately this is an unlikely event so we roll the dice and are happy in our ignorance. I would estimate the risk of this issue to be more than a 1000 times that of terrorist attack. The cost of insuring against this risk is not high. The logic for being prepared is unassailable. Hopefully as an open minded intelligent well educated person such as yourself, now armed with the facts you will draw the same logical conclusion.

This is not about politics, it's about the duty of a functional government.

I've nothing more to add on this topic, so this will be my final reply.

Comment Re:1H battery life (Score 2) 159

I agree - what a weird choice. The Apple watch really needs access to its paired iPhone to be of almost any use and the iPhone has good location awareness already. As a fitness device, the current Apple Watch kinda sucks because is heart rate monitor does not work well. Hopefully that's getting a fix.

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