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Comment Re:Too many cores. (Score 1) 71

But the charade is going to continue as long as Intel is able to avoid serious competition with its high margin parts.

Embedded/ultra low power CPUs is where Intel does have serious competition. It's the desktop arena where they have a virtual monopoly.

Yes, and they keep trying to push crappy Atom parts into that market segment to avoid cutting margin on their low power celerons, which are better than Atoms by every measure including power consumption. I thought I already said that?

Comment Re:Kowtowing (Score 1) 402

People have been claiming newspapers are obsolete in some shape or form for 50 years, ever since television became everyone's primary method for keeping up with the news.

It's fair to say that the classic broadsheet is obsolete. Still hanging on at the local community level and motel lobbies, but pretty much fading overall as evidenced by newsprint production statistics.

And who is dominating news on the Internet? Oh, yeah, the newspapers. Most of us have at least one newspaper's website that's on our rotation of sites to check every day, despite the attempts to get us to use news apps or search engine news aggregators - both of which suffer in that they mix the latest from, say, the Daily Mail, with that of The Guardian or Washington Post.

Is Huffington Post a newspaper? I think not. It is a new beast: a news site. The New York Times is able to avoid obsolescence exactly to the extent that it is able to transform itself from a newspaper to a news site, which appears to be proceeding well, tweets from liar-in-chief notwithstanding.

Comment Re:Kowtowing (Score 1) 402

We all know why he does that - spread enough misinformation about a companies situation and eventually enough people get spooked to make it true.

Indeed, that is Trump's reason at one level level. The overarching reason is that Trump is a self-serving thug who seeks to profit from undermining the democratic institutions of his homeland.

Comment Re:Too many cores. (Score 1) 71

So it's like taking Pentium 3 and hacking on extras from Pentium 4 (the actual innovations around the core, not the GHz race) to make Pentium M, then putting several of these on a single die to make the Core series?

It's not like that. It's like inventing a new execution unit primarily intended to preserve high margins on core architecture chips by delivering substantially worse superscalar performance. Billed as power efficient, the latest generation with out of order execution still delivers worse performance at the low power end then celerons. It's a scam. Intel knows what to do to make Atom not suck: just throw it away and use core arch. But the charade is going to continue as long as Intel is able to avoid serious competition with its high margin parts.

Comment Re: Android is Linux (Score 0) 221

Technically 'Linux' only refers to the kernel...

I think that many people do not understand just now much the kernel dominates the thing the call "operating system". Some people might not even know that Linux runs a whole separate user space, complete with libraries and root filesystem, just to do bootup initialization, especially installing hardware drivers (initfs). No question whatsoever that that is all Linux, right? Then you have libraries, only a few of which are considered part of the "OS", including graphics and UI support, which are already in that gray area where marketing calls it OS but the computer science prof does not, then the vast majority of what's on the computer... applications... which are very clearly not OS. Really, you only need a very thin library, basically just Libc, in addition the Linux kernel, in order to run some serious machinery, for example, a web server. By the way, initfs does not use Gnu libc, it uses klibc, written by Peter Anvin, a kernel developer.

Comment Re: Android is Linux (Score 1) 221

Linux is a kernel, not an OS although we think of it that way.

No, you think of it that way because you do not know what you are talking about. The software that supports a computer's basic functions, such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, and controlling peripherals. Hint: if it doesn't have a scheduler, it's not an operating system.

Ahem, someone with mod points has an issue with the truth and lacks a moral compass. Microsofty? Somebody who has a whole bunch invested in trying to spin Linux as not having achieved what it has.

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