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Comment Re:But what is it used for? (Score 1) 252

...It also shields them from the vagaries of the C++ standardization folks, which must be nice for them in any case.

Non-argument. If you don't like new features in C++ then don't use them. Your existing code will continue to work just fine. Personally, some of the recent additions are godsends. For example, have you ever tried to extend an STL container with a functor? Just disgusting. Lambdas (and std::function) are vastly superior.

Comment Re:But what is it used for? (Score 1) 252

...solving this would only solve the problem of build times, not the problem of existing concurrent code at Google being too hairy. At the very least, in addition to solving the build time problems, a replacement for Go's functionality would have to be developed on top of C++ and the C++ clients rewritten to use it.

So instead of making a sensible investment in extending C++ with concurrency support it was decided to create an entire new ecosystem. Given a sufficient quantity of energy drinks and powerpoint slides, I can see how that made sense to someone in control of more budget than they knew what to do with.

Comment Re:But what is it used for? (Score 1) 252

Everything you mentioned was already covered by Google's C++ style guidelines for years.

But they still do insane things with templates anyway, and most probably flagrantly ignore the other good practices above and basically everything else in the style book, except possibly the whitespace rules. Don't ask me how I know, I just know.

Comment Re:Too Late (Score 1) 394

NYT simply reported on Trump's financial disclosure... that in no way constitutes and endorsement from NYT that the disclosure is honest or complete. In fact, I have seen a professional opinion that the $550 valuation ascribed to golf courses is overstated by a factor of four. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I would not be the least surprised if it eventually comes out that his true net worth is negative as evidenced by a personal bankruptcy filing after failing to become POTUS. See, there has to be a reason why Trump nickel and dimes his little frauds, just look at the activity of his "charitable" foundation to see what I mean.

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