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Comment Re: Has he been invited to the white house? (Score 1) 920

Well it's that, but it's also the "stupid objectivity" problem. There is always an underlying op-ed position - even that is simply empiricism, as well as unspoken moral foundations, such as secularism, pluralism, etc. Edgar R. Murrows did certainly not give equal weight to two sides of a lynching disagreement the way CNN does give to torture today.

Comment Re:Not mine. (Score 1) 468

Concepts of ownership don't have to remain they way they are now though. These concepts in the history of the human race are actually quite young, and capitalism is barely a zygote. For most of our existence, we didn't have such nonsense restraining us. What happens if automation leaves us with no more scarcity?

Comment Re:Nope (Score 2) 468

First, economists are little more than apologists for whatever the political class wants to do with the economy. Economics is far more voodoo than it is science, and especially in it's current culturally enforced scarcity constraints. Second, Milton Friedman was an especially harmful apologist. Third, it would great if machines did all the hard work, so we could have more leisure. I'm all for it. Fourth, you are right! We would still find things to do, but we wouldn't necessarily have to deal with the abuses of markets when we don't have the artificially imposed scarcity constraint any more (which will look increasingly silly as machines produce so much excess), which in the long thousands of years of history of mankind aren't that old anyway, and aren't even all that great, having been criticized even by the ancients like Plato and Socrates, who had no love for that particular method of wealth distribution.

All of this is to say he's even right - iPhones are still mostly made by hand...

Comment Re:Not mine. (Score 1) 468

Well not yet, but machine intelligence will be able to program itself eventually, and they'll do it better than you or me. You think your brain is anything more than a biological machine?

That's all beside the point. It's not the automation or the AI that's causing all this unemployment pain - it's the system surrounding them. Mechanization, automation, AI - these things can all be used to solve every human problem we've ever faced, yet, all we get are warnings of impending doom from our visionless "leaders". Give me a break.

We should be discussing how to configure our political and economic systems to distribute the benefits of these things in some fair way, rather than just trying to scare people senseless. We should also be discussing how to create machine intelligence that won't try to kill us. Both of these things are possible with enough imagination and vision.

Comment Re:Who would benefit-- us, but not the parties (Score 1) 1321

Democrats are generally far too sensitive about what their opponents say about them. Look at all the things the Democratic side says about Republicans - does that ever modulate their behavior? No. And they are winning everywhere (partly) because of it.

Comment Re:Backwards compatibility (Score 1) 269

I completely agree - this is more of a successor for the 3DS and the DS family in general, which has had it's lunch eaten by iPad.

Someone at Nintendo made a statement about how the tech is ready to remove the distinction between mobile gaming and living room gaming, and I think they were right (graphics are good enough on iPad/iPhone and higher end Android devices). This device makes tablet gaming look more like traditional tactile gaming, with it's funky built in controllers, and it's powerfull enough (as was the Wii U - which as a side note should have been named something more distinct).

What this console doesn't solve is the content pipeline - AAA studios are going to continue to produce content for the more powerfull standard bearers on XBox and PS4 (and PC). They're not going to want to port to the smaller market share of Nintendo Switch. We may see iOS and Android ports, but in order for this to really be successful Nintendo will either need to produce a TON of content in house, or find some other way to get third party support for this directly. Being a successor for the 3DS may provide the necessary market share to incentivize proper game development on the platform.

Nintendo does need to solve their ridiculous single console game install policy though, I don't want to re-buy my virtual console games for a third or fourth time. Steam, Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store are the right model. Nintendo needs to stop fooling around.

Comment Re:idiots (Score 4, Interesting) 192

Nintendo's position seems to be that they can keep innovating in the console space, and keep their position atop a heap of their own making. They don't want to deliver on someone else's platform, because it isn't as profitable. They are going after big long term profit, not reactionary short term profit.

No matter how many times folks at Nintendo explain this, people still don't seem to get it - maybe the same people who invest in Nintendo after another company releases Pokemon Go. Or maybe because it's a bigger gamble or bolder play, and most people are very risk averse, they can't wrap their heads around it?

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 240

Exactly this. Netflix, a similar business, had figured out they needed leverage, so they started to produce their own content to draw a user base. They use that to negotiate more favorable deals with content providers. Valve did the same with Steam (though they started with their own content out of the gate). Nintendo did the same ages ago, etc.

1. Stop whining.
2. Get a better vision and understanding of business and competition.
3. Profit!

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