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Comment Re:What's the _actual_ algorithm. (Score 1) 78

The paper you point to proves that all add numbers larger than 10^27 are the sum of three primes and then references another paper where they have tested all odd numbers to 10^38 and concludes that all odd numbers larger than 5 can be the sum of 3 primes. It does not say anything about the Sieve of Eratosthenes. So, as far as I can tell there is nothing describing the modifications.

Comment Re:My immunity deal . . . (Score 0) 592

1. Setting up an email server is not illegal.
2. When Clinton was using the private email server, there was no law or policy that required her to use the government email server.
3. Even though it is reported that it is an "insecure" email server, I am not convinced that the government is particularly good at securing servers. Witness the break in Office of Personnel Management.

Comment Re:Sigh. She is NOT an engineer. (Score 4, Insightful) 370

So, My father who has a degree in mechanical engineering, worked for TRW on steering systems, and had the title Senior Engineer was not an engineer, because he did not have a license? He was not required to have a license by his employer or the state. Before he worked on steering systems, he worked on presses for aluminum extrusion (read as involving extremely high pressures).

Both of these positions required him to design systems that if they failed would be vary dangerous and likely seriously injure or kill people. Yet you claim he was not an engineer.

I wonder if you would consider Gustave Eiffel, Henry Ford, Leonardo da Vinci, or James Watt engineers.

Some engineers are licensed in some jurisdictions because it is required by the law or by the employer. However, a license does not make the engineer.

Comment Exposure to multiple environments and languages (Score 1) 637

Many of the modern CS students spend all there time in a single environment and a single language (Java on Windows). If this is the case for your school they are doing you a disservice. I was exposed to the at least 5 operating systems and 7 or 8 programming languages and wrote assembly that ran on bare metal in school. If you experience a variety of environments and languages you will have a much better base to judge what is good and bad when developing solutions.

Comment Re:is it shipping to customers ? (Score 1) 394

Yes, it's nonsense, because the theoretical creation of a derivative work at run time due to dynamic linking (e.g. shared libraries and kernel modules link at run time) has never been tested in court. Furthermore, the derivative work is not being distributed (I generally programs are not distributed while they are running).

Comment Re:is it shipping to customers ? (Score 1) 394

OK, I see it claimed often that linking into a GPL'ed code makes a derivative work. First, I will note that little claim has never been tested in court and I suspect it would not stand. Secondly, APIs and header files are generally not copyrightable. So, I think there is not legal route to call run time linking a derivative work in the legal frame work of US copyright law.

However, let's assume that is wrong, then if it is not a derivative work until it is linked, then the end user is doing the linking and is not distributing "derivative work". So, even in the unlikely case that linking creates a derivative work, the GPL is still not violated because that derivative work is not being distributed.

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