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Comment Simpsons quote (Score 2) 88

I tried to return my season ticket, but they wouldn't give me my money back. They said THEY wanted it.


As with everything in life a Simpsons quote captures the heart of the issue. AT&T will say that they *can't* give you your money back, but in reality it just boils down to the fact that they want to have your money more than they want you to have it.

Comment Re:Intel needs a swift kick in the ass (Score 3, Insightful) 91

I'm holding off on buying a new chip until ryzen comes out. Maybe it wouldn't make sense for Intel to do this kind of thing, since they might even prefer you buy one of their existing chips rather than waiting for the new one to clear out some old inventory, but for AMD, you might be holding off on buying a current Intel product to wait to buy a new AMD product. I'm sure as hell not buying an excavator now, and I don't think anyone else is either, and I think AMD knows that.

Comment Re:Still no competition (Score 1) 91

Ferraris are faster than Toyotas. That doesn't imply that Ferrari is doing better than Toyota as a company. Intel is doing better than AMD, but it's not because it makes the fastest chips. Very few people are buying the $1000 Intel chips. Intel is winning the $200-$300 chip market. AMD could very conceivably start competing or even start winning in this market even if it doesn't take the top spot.

Comment Re:AMD has (Score 2) 91

The fact that Intel is simply cashing in on their past success is probably the thing that will allow AMD to catch up. I don't think Intel even wants to blow AMD out of the water. This would cost more money and bring on monopoly accusations. That said, I'm glad we seem to be in the part of the cycle where AMD might overtake Intel and spur some competition. The other part of the cycle is boring.

Comment Freedom of speech with responsibilty (Score 1) 218

Yes we have freedom of speech in America, but this freedom (like all good freedoms) comes with an implicit set of responsibilities to ensure that the freedom is used correctly. Unregulated freedom of speech is too dangerous to grant to ever whistle blower and movie database. Power needs to be divided with checks and balances. For example: the massive power that a movie producer has by indulging his ageist biases during casting is perfectly checked by forcing that producer to perform a separate google search to find a website operating outside of California to learn an actor's age. He might think he already knows the actor's approximate age, and cast Demi Moore to play the hot high school student without bothering to check her age, since she can't be more than ...22?

Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

I tolerate them to the extent that I don't want to murder them, but I don't tolerate what they are saying without challenging it.

I don't think any ideology deserves this amount of tolerance. We should be challenging any idea we think is wrong, whether it be Christianity, socialism, capitalism, fascism, violent video games, hip hop music, whatever.

That's what the alt-right wants when it talks about tolerance, they want people to stop criticising and embarrassing them.

That's what lots of groups want when they talk about tolerance. The alt-right is not special in this regard. Most people in general don't really understand freedom of speech, or why it is beneficial. I hear lots of people talking about how being banned from twitter is a violation of their free speech, or how freedom of speech comes with responsibilities (i.e. only popular speech should be allowed, because unpopular speech is "irresponsible"). And this happens on all sides of all spectra.

And this did not used to be the case, but it seems like it is now, that currently the left is actually the bigger threat to free speech. It's not everyone on the left, and a lot of the fiercest criticism of the anti-free speech left, is coming from the pro-free speech left. This election seems to be somewhat of a repudiation of the anti-free speech left (among many other things), it's just too bad that we also end up with a vindictive idiot child with no respect for intellectual honesty or truth at all as our president.

Comment Re:Nice try (Score 1) 302

There has definitely been a decrease in the quality of death threats in the information age. When every single person of nay significant level of notoriety gets death threats like how they get junk mail, they kind of lose their potency. While some celebrities still manage to find a way to be crippled over it, it's pretty hard not to be desensitized when you are literally inundated with death threats, and never see evidence that any are credible.

Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

I find it hard to be tolerant of people who consider me a second class human being because of my race.

I don't. I know people exist who think they are racially superior to me. I don't have any desire to track them down and kill them or banish them, etc. I literally tolerate them and their existence.

The difference is that Nazis think they are better than everyone else. It's not about tolerance, it's about equality.

I view one of the costs of a free society is that there will be some people who have thoughts that I find repulsive, and the freedom to express them.

BTW I don't actually think progressives are actually intolerant, in the sense that they literally tolerate views opposed to their own (e.g. in a way that Assad doesn't tolerate rebel groups), but I do think many of them are intolerant according to their own definition of tolerance.

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