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Comment Re: If it's true... (Score 1) 62

The direct financial hit may be enough to sink the company outright, but even if it doesn't, they'll be dead in the long term.

You're missing somethinghuge with your cognitively-challenged, anally-scented musings: Uber hasn't made any money yet with Otto so they have minimal exposure. The folks who sold Otto to Uber, on the other hand...

Comment Re:Why this is wrong: (Score 1) 188

America is probably going to get Australia dragged into a war with China

Don't fool yourself; at the highest levels of influence, us Yanks are just as much the bitches of the "international old money feudal elite" (i.e. those snakelike fucks that Crown Colony countries pay homage to on their currency)... but I digress; Oz won't need our help dragging you into conflict with Chi-Com; the allure of your resources will eventually do that.

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