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Comment Market share and calculators (Score 1) 477

As you add more compatibility and functionality to a device or software it becomes more complex and more open to exploits.

You can't exploit a plain old calculator because it's software doesn't do all these extra features.
Your software market for a mac is significantly more limited, which also affects the design of the OS, since developers aren't at the gates requesting features in the OS to work with their software / Apple doesn't see the development need to add specific api's or such to allow certain software functions.

As market share grows, demand for more flexibility in the OS and software will grow, which will give it the same repair costs for software. Same goes for hardware. As more people enter that market, the quality of hardware will also (Well, it kinda is dropping now anyway) but with cheap manufactures over seas making sub par hardware, suddenly your repair costs will go up and be as frequent as PCs as well.

P.S I've never had a PC fail in my entire life, but I also tend to replace them every 4-5 years. Same with hard drives etc.

Comment Where's the love and support? (Score 2) 200

This is actually really cool and good. Everyone seems to be mocking the wifi teakettle but what they're not realizing is this is the move to home automation expanding and growing. This is a good thing.

Ever see Star Trek? When Picard went to a replicator and said 'Earl Grey Tea, hot' and poof, tea came out? Well, this is basically what we're trying to recreate, just without the fancy deconstructing and reconstructing things on the atomic level.

As we automate more things in our lives it leaves us more time to pursue other activities. This is one of the ways civilization is going to advance.

Comment Re: bad patents (Score 1) 115

I'll repeat, you've completed ignored the problem that would occur, again.

Do you think that people would invest their money in expensive lengthy processes that may not yield results and can be easily copied?

Do you think they'd be like, "Yeah fuck it, get a biolab going and invest tons of my money into it, I want to lose money".
All you've done is tongue in cheek responses about "What they say" and folksy crap. You sound like a hippy that doesn't know anything and you're going to start telling me how "It's the man..man..he like..does his stuff and things..and you don't even know, you were lied to."

Ignoring the fact that we're often lied to, you still aren't providing any solutions to that scenario. You're just saying it wouldn't exist. Okay, what would exist smart guy? What would happen?

Comment Re:bad patents (Score 1) 115

My point is you sound like a free loader, one of those people who wants everything for free.

The patent system definitely has significant problems, but getting rid of patents and calling them immortal is a response that isn't thought out at all.

I'll try to explain it to you.
Scenario #1
"Hey Jim, you worked really hard, you should invest that money into developing a better diabetes research."
Jim responds, "Well, won't that cost a lot of money?"
"Well, yes Jim, it would"
Jim responds again, "Well, it's a risk, but I could profit off it correct? Make a better living for my family and life?"
Jim invests. You get research into new medications that help treat your system. You have to pay for it, but it's better than dying.

Scenario #2
"Hey Jim, you worked really hard, you should invest that money into developing a better diabetes research."
Jim responds, "Well, won't that cost a lot of money?"
"Well, yes Jim, it would"
Jim responds again, "Well, it's a risk, but I could profit off it correct? Make a better living for my family and life?"
"Well, you might but there is a high probability that once you discover the actual formula to treat the disease, a bunch of people are going to copy it, produce it, sell it a lot cheaper than you because they didn't have to invest the capital to research the drug in the first place"
Jim says, "No, I don't want to spend my money doing that. Right now what I'm doing makes enough money, and I won't get my money back if I invest it and will be broke because a bunch of other people will get the sales from the research I did with little return."

You no longer have the drive or funding for the medical research. You die, or are sick, or whichever.

The only way it works if it you further into a more utopian society where basic universal income exists, most things are automated and people no longer need to work to survive, but instead choose careers in things that are their passion and excite them, not to put food on the table, have a good car and home.

Then the government and research collaberation could source the equipment, people / resources and share the benefits with the world. You have a lot of other things that need to be fixed before you worry about the patent system, the system is society, patents are part of society, but there are support beams that need to be replaced with new systems before you can strip out ones like the patent system.

Comment Safe space? Maybe he needs some bullyproof windows (Score 1) 195

Seriously, maybe add a troll proof door.

So many companies these days think they are so incredibly entitled to your money.

Wake up, if you don't make a product people want, they're in the rights to demote your product just as you're allowed to promote it.
Actual threats are going too far, but leaving a shitty review for a shitty game? Stop being shitty, there's an idea.

Comment It's simple. None techies don't get it. Period. (Score 1) 537

Non-technical people don't understand how technology works, the effort that goes into making it, what's needed to make a program just 'Do what you want it to'

The problem is you all think it's fucking magical and just should work the way you want it when you want it and you don't think it should cost a lot of money.

You think the time and effort of people who develop, contribute software hardware that you use every day is practically dirt. you snear at them for being 'smart' and treat them as arrogant because they understand things you don't.

1. You won't pay enough for what you want.
2. You don't appreciate what is done.
3. You don't understand what / the work that is needed to make it work.
4. You replace high quality techies with people who are financially desperate and do shoddier work due to pressure (Foreign workers).
5. You consider IT / Technies disposable cheap peons do make the super simple thing you just want done that isn't simple, fuck you.

Comment Re:Are you for real? (Score 1) 424

Yes, assume we are guys. Because guys have had to take responsibility for the stupid shit they do which can affect them the rest of their lives since always.

Congratulations, you found out you can't be a total bitch and that there is actually something people can do about it.

It's like if you live in a small town, you do something douchey, it'll take a few years for that to be let go. She committed suicide after one year. I don't mean that she deserves to be "harassed forever" but yeah, there's going to some consequences for the stupid shit you do and there isn't a reset button, there is no undo, and won't be gone in a few weeks.

This kind of shit has serious god damn consequences. Yeah that big old fucking word everyone hates, consequences, because everyone hates talking about them for fear they may have to suffer their own consequences for their actions and no one wants that!

Yeah it's a bit extreme the way things go on the internet. But you know? Get off the internet, that's step one. Step two, change name. Be done with it. It'll go away after a few years, someone else will do something stupid and humiliate themselves online.

Here's my simple steps of you'll fuck up live with it.

Step 1 - Doing stupid shit can have real consequences that can last for awhile.
Step 2 - Realize you can't get away with treating people however you want and going "Not my problem"
Step 3- If you fuck up, and, most of us will, live with it. LIVE with it. That's called paying the price for you actions.
Step 4. It will go away, it will get better, you need to get the fuck over it, so will everyone else.
Step 5. If you see someone else fuck up, let it go after awhile, don't be too much of a dink, you'll fuck up too one day.
Step 6 Threats are never okay. Don't make people fear for their safety. They can have fear of looking like an idiot for awhile, but don't invade their personal space.
E.G Leave their fucking home out of it, don't bother them at home, and in general don't do any targeting.

Stop using victim blaming as your excuse word for everyone being allowed to do stupid shit with no consequences. It's stupid to take the safety off a saw blade, and if you get your hand cut off, and you tell that person don't fucking do it, there's a good chance you'll get your hand cut off. Do you call that victim blaming? He was a fucking victim of the saw blade? The guard had it out for him? No. Victim of your own stupidty is not victim blaming. Stop finding more ways to not be responsible for yourself.

Comment Re:I've seen this before (Score 0) 412

Don't worry, when everyone starts dying from it getting too hot you'll turn around and go 'It's just a solar cycle planet cycle and will go back down, not man made' E.G every excuse to not take responsibility for what is happening. Quite typical of human behavior.

At the end of the day I hope you're right, I'd much rather be wrong, I like snow and winter. Unfortunately there is good evidence that I'm not wrong.

Comment Perfect! Now you'll volunteer your iris scan (Score 1) 77

Screw having to try and pass a law that requires people to scan their eyes and have them documented, we'll just include them on phones and people will use them as a cool feature!

I'm sure in their terms of use they're allowed to store your retina scan, but promise not to do even with it, even though nothing legally stops them.

Comment Re:Don't spoil it [for us] - Devs (Score 1) 134

I'm finding there are some games that have too many bugs, or the gameplay isn't fun. Originally what they set out to do, is great and sounds fun, exciting. At some point something happens, business plan falls through, thought they could soak money from updates longer, slow development time etc.

If a game doesn't have clear footage that shows me what I want to know and that I'm excited to try myself, I won't buy it. This game sounds like a flop, so I'm out.

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