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Comment Re:Oh please (Score 1) 204

You are wrong. In my example, using ==, it will report equal. Using ===, it will report not equal.

$ php -r "if (\"0E54321\" === \"0E12345\") { echo \"equal\n\"; } else { echo \"not equal\n\"; } "
not equal
$ php -r "if (\"0E54321\" == \"0E12345\") { echo \"equal\n\"; } else { echo \"not equal\n\"; } "

The string "0E54321" and "0E12345" both get converted into the integer 0 for comparison purposes when you only use ==.

The documentation clearly explains this behavior. I'll link it again for you.
Type Juggling
String Conversion

Comment Re:Oh please (Score 5, Informative) 204

PHP has a comparison operator === that evaluates if the two things it is comparing are equal and of the same type.

$ php -r "if (\"0E54321\" === \"0E12345\") { echo 'equal'; } else { echo 'not equal'; } "
not equal

Without ===, variable type conversion can cause a string containing numbers to be converted to an integer. See these links for details:

Comment Re:A 14 year old can 'Master the Unreal Engine (Score 3, Informative) 40

The 5% gross fee is only after the first $3000 made per quarter. Also this royalty fee is only for the free version of unreal engine that has no monthly/upfront cost. Epic offers alternative licensing schemes if a developer would prefer to pay upfront for UE4 instead of paying a 5% royalty.

Comment Re:OK... (Score 1) 109

Perhaps they want a system that can be used by multiple companies besides just Walmart. If I was a farmer whose food might end up at Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, etc why would I want to submit tracking data multiple times to multiple companies' databases when I could just submit it once to this 3rd party IBM based blockchain and then any end-company which uses it can have the info they need.

Comment Re:Leaving the EU was a huge mistake. (Score 1) 315

The production of products using raw milk is not illegal in the EU. They are authorized with some very reasonable stipulations concerning the health of the animals producing the raw milk, labeling the product and making sure the conformity of the milk is consistent.


Comment Re:Meanwhile the EU is saying... (Score 1) 315

Some officials in the European Union (EU) want the United Kingdom (UK) to invoke article 50 of the Lisbon treaty before beginning any negotiations. The Lisbon treaty amended the Treaty on European Union (TEU) and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). The TEU and TFEU form the constitutional basis of the EU. The UK agreed to the Lisbon treaty when their house of commons debated and passed it on Jan. 21st, 2008.

Invoking article 50 of the Lisbon treaty simply means that the UK would be officially notifying the EU of their intention to leave the EU. The UK and EU would then have up to 2 years to negotiate the UK leaving the EU. The EU council could extend this 2 year deadline if an extension was agreed to by the UK. Once invoked they would be automatically not in the EU, which just means not subject to the TEU and TFEU treaties, after 2 years if no agreement could be met. If the UK changed their mind and wanted to cancel the leaving process then they would have to invoke article 49 during that 2 year period.

References: (consolidated copy of TEU and TFEU which includes the Article 50 mentioned above)

Comment Re:Moderators are the opposite of free speech (Score 2) 465

As long as users of Google, in your scenario, could continue to view all search results, regardless of moderation, why would it matter? Here on Slashdot we can all view all the posts regardless of the moderation. Negatively moderating the post does not change where it shows up in the list of posts. It's still there for all to see whom choose to see it.

If a user decides to subscribe to the group think of moderation and browse only at +5 they see what they the group wants them to see. If on the other hand a user decides to ignore the group think and browse at -1, they see things as they are. The control and choice is entirely in the hand of the viewer.

Comment Re:Moderators are the opposite of free speech (Score 1) 465

I agree with you that sometimes a moderator will negatively moderate a post they do not agree with. I disagree that this is censorship. A viewer's ability to see your post has not been suppressed. Every viewer of this website can see all the posts no matter the rating on the post. Some viewers will choose to look at all the posts while other viewers will choose to only look at posts which their peers have moderated to a certain level.

Comment Re:Walmart (Score 1) 118

Walmart has a better selection of Amy's(tm) organic frozen food that is less expensive than most of the other generic grocery stores in my city. The exact same frozen organic food items are available at Nature's Grocer and Whole Foods in my city but are more expensive. Why should I pay more for the same item at those other stores? Now granted there are some additional brands of frozen organic foods at Nature's Grocer and Whole Foods but given the increased cost I don't see a reason to shop there.

Comment Re:Don't eat this shit (Score 1) 77

It's a meal box. Unless you don't eat fast food at all or don't order food to-go from restaurants, surely you've eaten tasty food out of small cardboard boxes before. Personally I don't eat out of a bucket either because I'm snobbish about eating meat on a bone with my hands. I'm not caveman. I don't need to hold the bones of the animals that have been slaughtered for my nourishment. Usually only *that* kind of fried chicken is sold in buckets.

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