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Comment Re:Which of course has nothing to do with... (Score 2) 409

On top of that, we should awaken the portions of our genes that permit regeneration. Currently we have only a few parts of our bodies that regenerate. The intestines for example still regenerate. But there is no reason it couldn't grow new internal organs, grow new limbs, grow new eyes, new ears, regenerate nerves, etc.All of that is latent in our biology.

But...didn't researchers at Marvel already establish that this may sometimes lead to people dying in sudden, very hot explosions? :-P

Comment Re:Exactly. (Score 1) 318

You're right of course about the sentiment regarding ads versus paying for the service. And yes, cable companies are scum. Can't say I agree with TV being more addictive than heroin, however:

It's not fucking entitlement, it's recognizing what you're paying for

It is *precisely* an entitlement, by definition:

"the condition of having a right to have, do, or get something"

You are using the "so-and-so has a sense of entitlement" definition of the word, and with the same negative connotation as some use when describing various social programs. Like those social programs, you paid for the service and therefore are entitled to it.

Comment Re:Good GUI mods? (Score 4, Informative) 108

Since you asked, here are some mods/modpacks for you to try out:

More Blocks
Infrastructure (cheapie's version)
Carbone MOBs (separated out from the Carbone subgame)

A few that do change the gameplay somewhat radically:

Plantlife modpack
More Trees
Technic modpack

There are a ton more on the forums. All of the above can be used together (as is usually the case with this engine).

Disclaimer: I maintain and or contribute to several of these.

Comment Ministry of Truth, anyone? (Score 2) 73

From the article:

By erasing all evidence of both the pre-Islamic past and alternative interpretations of Islam, ISIS hopes to create a world where knowledge of any belief system except their own interpretation of Islam is forgotten forever.

These people (that is, the extremists) honestly believe they can make this Orwellian fantasy come true in the digital age? Sure, the world will lose a lot of precious artifacts, but information can't be destroyed - and that's withOUT people like Allahyari acting to resurrect those artifacts. The world needs more people like him.

*shakes head*

Comment Re:I've been planning this for years. (Score 1) 597

> The one thing I need to work out - exactly how do we make a Lava Lamp work efficiently on DC power....

You only need a 10-25W bulb for those, so just build a specialized "bulb" that consists of a couple of white LEDs for the light source, and a very small heating element to get the wax moving.

Comment Re:Grapples? Thats the nice way when a D is Prez? (Score 2) 134

And you war-obsessed, money-blinded, overly-religious conservatives are saying what, exactly, about the current president? That he's some kind of angel of sunlight? No. You guys are currently calling him the worst president ever, claiming he's gonna make himself dictator (despite the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution), comparing his administration to ... well let's not Godwin this. Notice I did NOT single out any current or past US political party.

Here's a newsflash: since before this country was founded, the person currently holding the highest office in most any country has been called every nasty name or epithet in [the then current version of] the book by his or her opposition, while that person's supporters of course use "softer" words when criticizing him or her, with variances of course depending on the country.

And yeah, I meant every word of that opening sentence. Why? Because I am a moderate, and would like to think I can see *both* sides of the current political climate, and conservatives today are just as bad as they were 50, 100, 200 years ago. The noises you make are the same, only the reasons and target of that noise have changed.

How's the phrase go? "Reality leans liberal" or something like that? Maybe it does, but only if you compare it to "conservative" as the terms are measured in the US. Compare it to the rest of the civilized world, and reality is (and should be) a lot closer to center/moderate.

Steering this back on topic, that means we keep our privacy, security, strong encryption without ANYONE else holding the keys but us), and so on, and the government goes and dunks its collective heads in the toilet. They don't need our data to make us any safer, and we don't need to BE any "safer" anyway.

Comment Re:A smart phone is rarely convenient (Score 1) 248

You're right that a timer's a bad idea for your use-case, so how about something else? This seems simple enough, if a bit simplistic:

You've always got your smartphone with you, or most people do - certainly just about anyone who would have any interest in the "smart home" market, I would think. In any case, put the phone to work in the *right* way: there are apps that use the radio in the phone to triangulate its position to within a few dozen meters based on cell towers and neighboring wifi hotspots. Make another such app, or hook into an existing one, adding a function to calculate line-of-sight distance from your phone to your house's coordinates on the map.

At home, your smart-home controller would have a live, secure connection to a central server of some kind, waiting for commands.

* Triangulate the phone's position once per minute, in a background task.
* At each interval, if the location resolves to within some "close enough to the house" distance, say 5 miles, send an event the main part of the app.
* That event would cause the app to make a secure connection to the aforementioned server, over which it would send a single "power up the climate control, lights, etc" packet. The triangulation event would then be set to, say, 1 hour.
* The app also could listen for an event from the triangulation routine for "leaving home" also, with a threshold that's a bit more distant than the "coming home" value, say 6 miles. The triangulation interval would reset to 1 minute and a "turn everything off" packet would be sent at this point.

Options to immediately send "power up now" and "power down now" packets (setting appropriate polling intervals in either case) could be offered.

Such an app should show a clear indication of its distance calculation and what the last command was that was sent, and if possible, some status info from the house's controller.

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