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Comment Published by "Cornell Library University"? (Score 1) 156

Umm...Generally when something is published by your own school's library, that's what's known as a vanity-publication. That means this study did not undergo peer review. Add the fact that it's funded by Microsoft, who has a massive potential vested interest in the future of AR gaming. Something tells me there's gonna be some gorgeous cherry-picking of data and referenced sources going on in this thing.

Comment Re:The house always wins (Score 1) 843

No one is asking for the return generated as a result of the audit. People are asking for the return that he submitted to the IRS. If the audit reveals that the return was a complete fabrication or slightly flawed (and I doubt it will), that's a separate issue. There is nothing preventing him from disclosing a copy of what he originally sent to the IRS.

Comment Smog producing (Score 2) 166

This is the same principle behind that "Ionic Breeze Quadra" that you used to see on TV commercials all the time. There were two problems with it: 1-when the plate gets dirty, it stops working. You fix this by adding mechanical scrubbers, which the tower no doubt has. 2: these devices produce O3, aka Ozone. When you produce Ozone in the lower parts of the atmosphere, we call it "smog"

So yeah, this thing is doing the opposite of what it claims. This thing produces smog.

Comment Re:So....why was he arrested? (Score 2) 213

Saudi Arabia has a whole set of laws governing how single men and women are allowed to interact with each other. I think it's a terrible idea to extend these laws to online interaction with foreigners. But, apparently, enough people over there think it is appropriate enough a thing to do that an arrest was made.

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