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Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 532

That is the American cost. No one else pays nearly that much. Healthcare procedures in the UK are typically between 1/6th and 1/2 the cost Americans pay.

Americans have many more lawyers and they all have to eat. Import 5,000 American lawyers and see what that does to your health costs and NHS.

Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 532

But the use of the word "force" is intended to suggest violence, as in "it's an act of violence that I have to pay taxes", which is about as sensible as saying "it's an act of violence to demand that I drive the speed limit".

When 6 armed IRS agents surround your house at 8AM over a tax question from 10 years ago, I'd say there's a certain amount of force and violence involved. BTW, the tax question was over a $250 refund...........that they owed me.

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