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Comment Re:Tired of this space obsession (Score 1) 90

Oh look, lame sarcasm in place of a reasoned response. How unlike slashdot.

"The Microsat movement isn't going to contribute much to space pollution as low lifetime sats deployed to low orbits aren't the problem."

Who said they're only in low orbit?

"Creating an space-based economy and self sustaining workforce"

And what exactly does that hand waving soundbite mean in practise? What will the economy be based on, how will they be self sustaining in a hard vacuum with everything having to be shipped up from earth? Take your time.

Comment Tired of this space obsession (Score 0) 90

What is this obsession with shoving stuff into space? There are already so many satellites in orbit that we'll soon be at a critical point of so much space debris flying around that it'll be self generating and dangerous for humans to venture there especially if this idiotic idea of microsatellites takes off (pun intended). As for deep space - until someone invents a serious much faster and practical competitor to the chemical rocket we ain't going anywhere and thats only going to happen if the laws of physics suddenly open up in unexpected ways. I know a lot of people dream of a Star Trek like world, but I'm afraid its just TV kids, reality is another ball game entirely.

Comment How much longer can DNS survive? (Score 1) 146

I wonder if having to keep tabs on all these TLDs that seem to be created by anyone who fancies it is putting a heirarchical system designed to accomodate at first only a few (then expanded to a few hundred for country domains) under strain at the root server level? Sure technology advances, but the design hasn't really changed and I wonder if its still suited.

Comment Re:Half of americans? (Score 1) 255

"But spending Sunday afternoon on your computer arguing with the internet"

An ironic comment given you're the one who seems to be checking constantly all his old threads and reply after a couple of hours whereas I check once every one or 2 days. You're coming across as a bit desperate, but hey, go smoke some pot and pay your girlfriend for some sex. Perhaps you can convince yourself you have a life.

Comment Re:What the actual fuck (Score -1, Troll) 255

"As you can see, I am not a "sorry little loser". "

So you say. More than likely you're a functioning pothead just holding on like a lot of functioning alcoholics. And the common trait of both is that neither recognise they have a problem.

"We ruin their lives,"

They ruin their own lives. No one is forcing them to smoke weed.

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