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Comment Re:Cable Companies LIE to keep you... (Score 1) 250

I have three ISPs one with fiber, two broadband to my home. My fiber provider was VZ FIOS now it's Frontier FIOS which from a business relationship perspective was going from an alligator to a crocodile. I've already cut my TV subscription (Sling user here) and they indeed said "oh your Internet will go up." to which I replied "good, you're fired." and they back-peddled. I realize a lot of this is the content providers (Comcast, Viacom etc.) but shit how many news channels do we need anyway, besides i get local news networks fine and I don't really care what NBC,MSNBC,CNN,CNNHeadlineNews have to offer.. Cronkite is dead FFS!

Comment Re:Close the door! (Score 1) 395

Where's a payphone at? Those roadside call boxes? Yes having a cell phone opens up a world of snooping and smart phones with locked in apps (such as facebook) that have the ability to track your every movement, text, phone call and contact.

Gee, modern technology is so wonderful.

Comment Re:Now what about all the other S apps? (Score 1) 70

No, it's all about extending their market brand. Yes there's apps that are great for functionality and productivity, like S Pen but others are like so much detritus unless you root and remove it . At that point you may as well go full bore and get rid of your carrier/samsung provided O/S and go custom ROM but then again you'll lose features that your carrier provides or that Samsung only provide in their distribution.

Comment Already Have Fiber and Broadband at the curb (Score 4, Insightful) 160

I already have Fiber and Broadband to my house but oh wait, Google can't use those because my local politicians gave certain franchise rights to companies who made the investment in digging up the street. In my case at least it isn't a last mile problem, it's a blocked mile problem.

Comment Re:Twitter is pro-Free Speech ? REALLY ?? (Score 1) 465

inciting looting / violence is okay in Twitter's book but calling people out for it isn't okay. While I respect your argument it's not point in fact, there's too many getting banned and filtered along with trending hashtags that disappear for no reason other than they may seem unpopular with Liberals. There's already been known left-leaning abuse in other social media platforms, it's documented and even good old Google being involved in it as well, I just think it's time for Twitter to come out and say "We support violence and rioting but we don't support conservative ideals." Sure there's hyperbole on both sides of it but if you're going to advocate free speech without hate at least you should proclaim your biases.

Comment Re:Twitter is pro-Free Speech ? REALLY ?? (Score 1) 465

unlike old DeRay who organizes real mobs yet still somehow manages to keep his Twitter account in good standing. While I don't agree with Milo on a lot of things, there's a lot of truth to the fact that Twitter has been capricious and diligent about silencing conservative voices and yet they put an icon symbolizing unity with BLM thuggery. If you're going to say "ban all hate related speech" then do it uniformly Twitter and people can live with it, or not.

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