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Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 259

If I buy a Switch and some downloadable games for it, and it is destroyed, will I have to re-purchase all of those games, or can they be transferred to a new console easily?

I was under the impression that if you bought Nintendo download credits for your DS, they were not transferable to the Wii. If Nintendo's own faux money can't even be used universally on each of their consoles, I doubt their policy regarding the games will change any time soon!

Comment Re:BNP Paribas (Score 1) 146

Well, I'd like to agree, but I've been seeing a huge trend where all links in e-mails use tracking services, even for plain URLs. Things like, "click here to see our privacy policy", and instead of using a proper URL like "", they send you something like "".

As long as legitimate companies refuse to use real URLs in their marketing messages, would we really expect end-users to spot phishing scams? This is not a problem that can be solved at the end-user level if companies have stupid security policies to begin with and insist on using tracking domains or outsourcing their statistics. New TLDs won't help.

Comment Re:BNP Paribas (Score 1) 146

What difference does that make if you're relying on 3rd parties to validate for you? E-mail clients could already scan for fake PayPal links, but they don't because it's not their problem to maintain a database of brand names.

It was a major goof to reverse the order of domain levels in the first place. Adding or removing levels won't fix that.

Comment Re:Now I know what self driving car not to buy (Score 1) 230

Over 11,000 global variables

Whoa, wait... was the entire entertainment system controlled by a single process or what? If that's just just globals, how can EMU software possibly be this large?

Fantastic write-up, BTW. People like you are why I still visit Slashdot.

Comment Re:Anything important will be preserved (Score 1) 348

Who gets to decide whether something is worth knowing? I've seen a lot of really valuable stuff disappear without a trace, and as long as the majority doesn't care, the minority just has to suck it up and live with that.

Interestingly enough, engineers, intellectuals, and deviants tend to be in the minority.

Comment Re:Next Milestone? RAM (Score 1) 161

I always wondered why all the memory in a computer [outside the CPU die] tended to run at the same speed. Over a decade ago I was talking to a fellow CS student about different speeds of RAM, and asked him why we didn't use expensive RAM for programs and large amounts of cheap RAM for caching and virtual drives. He just looked at me with disdain and said, "There's no such thing as cheap RAM."

I'm still not convinced that the performance and utility differences of memory and storage will converge.

Comment Re:Pre-installed HDD win on cost every time (Score 1) 161

Just like all the other add-on components sold by vendors. Want more memory? Add $100. Better video card? Add $250.

My WTF moment was years ago while I was checking out prices on Apple's web site. $500 dollars extra to upgrade the base video card to a high-end card (on top of the price of the card you weren't getting). Meanwhile, the retail price of the PC version of that high-end card was under $300.

Comment Re:Offer a rugged version with bonus battery life (Score 1) 377

As much as these things are engineered to perfection, I highly doubt making an alternate tray 1mm deeper to accommodate a thicker battery is an engineering impossibility. Some makers produce phones that have completely different dimensions and screen sizes but otherwise have the same "guts". It's not hard.

These things sell in the millions. It's not a matter of "justifying development" or regularly retooling plastic injection molding and milling machines. The manufacturers have simply planned obsolescence and don't want the public to have certain features before the market is "ready."

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