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Comment Re:Wow, just wow. (Score 1) 111

#3 Smaller ISP's are unlikely to have peering points at places like MAE East, etc and far more likely to have to purchase their bandwidth from a larger backbone provider. This means that the "cost" for bandwidth is far, far more for a local ISP. It also means they have to oversubscribe more than a larger provider to pay the bills. EVERYONE oversubscribes bandwidth sold vs. what they have, it is just different levels.The economics don't work for smaller internet providers in reselling bandwidth if the oversubscribing rate isn't above a certain percentage.

Many small ISPs have access to local exchanges/hotels. Core bandwidth is not likely to be a limiting factor these days.. lack of small ISP investment in bandwidth management in core speaks for itself.

When you get shitty performance from your local WISP it isn't core network that is oversubscribed. It's typically last mile RF link. Ditto for cable plant of small Cable based providers.

Advancements in queue for Wireless technology are nothing short of amazing.. ditto on next gen PON. Personally I see a bright future for small ISPs. Keeping regulations down to common sense be nice/fair/transparent and getting rid of ridiculous reporting requirements is something I fully support on the low end at least.

Comment Re:Not entirely sure (Score 1) 124

Exactly, which is why even Snowden didn't actually change a fucking thing when it comes to consumer behavior and privacy. Unjustified Control mechanisms will continue to be put in place, Rights will continue to deteriorate, and no one will fight it, because no one cares.

Caring is not the same as doing. One does not necessarily flow from the other.

Comment Re:Mostly, send the snowflakes to Venezuela (Score 1) 186

So you think managers threatening to kill someone or calling them a homosexual slur is just fine?

Could be. Depends on context. Lots of people have told me they were going to kill me.. slurs are rarely invoked in a literal sense. Language isn't an exact science and like it or not language belongs to everyone. Not just you or a minority of perpetually offended loudmouths who demand language be (re)interpreted in ways that draw maximal offense.

Coupled with an agenda or specific worldview common understandings of messy imprecise language can be wildly distorted with ease.

Just because a person from one tribe swears profusely or lacks manners doesn't make them any more or less decent than individuals from another tribe with different customs.

If I was in charge, there would be a whole lot of people being marched out the door. I certainly would never tolerate anything like that (I'm management now). Manager or regular employee, if you cannot behave with a modicum of decency and manners, then you won't long have a job anywhere I manage.

You know nothing about this situation other than hearsay from a media article naturally biased towards hyperbole.

Comment Re:Not entirely sure (Score 1) 124

For the other 99% of society who doesn't give a shit about privacy anymore, they don't care about the abuse, including the cost of implementing or maintaining this for little or no real value.

I used to believe this right up until Snowden and associated public polling proved me wrong.

It doesn't matter how smart people are, what they believe or how much they assert they care. It only matters what they actually do.

Comment Re:How do they compare? (Score 1) 149

How can anyone compare VR with the failure of 3D TV? 3D TV failed because who wants to wear cumbersome glasses that prevent you from being social with others? 3D TV is expensive, and causes headaches and eye-strain for some people. There wasn't any killer content to push people to 3D TV that was overwhelmingly good enough to overcome the disadvantages; a lot of 3D content was perfectly watchable in 2D. 3D TV was just an expensive novelty.

But with VR... well admittedly it has the cumbersome glasses that prevent you from being social with others, and is expensive, and causes eye-strain and nausea, and has no killer app. But can you say that it's just a novelty? .... Hmmm. OK, maybe they are the same after all.

The problem with 3DTV is 3D no matter how well implemented just isn't that big a deal. Stereo perception is such a small piece of overall way people perceive scale and depth even if you turned the effect completely off in VR it would hardly be missed.

The difference with VR is as quality approaches holodeck, matrix or Tomorrowland advertisement ring the value proposition grows to become essentially unbounded where 3DTV even when implemented perfectly to it's full potential (e.g. perfect multi-user glasses free displays) will never end up making much of a difference.

By far the most fun I've ever had playing any electronic game was screwing around in my rover (SRV) on a planet in VR in Elite with a few dozen other players. I was giggling the whole time in disbelief of what I was experiencing.

From personal experience todays crappy VR technology as full of crappy limitations, bugs and crummy software is still amazing. 3DTV was never amazing...ever.

Comment Deletion disorder is a treatable mental condition (Score 4, Interesting) 225

Some people honestly believe throwing shit and features in the trash because it aligns with their narrow opinions and agendas is a constructive activity. They are incapable or unwilling to accept the possibility of a reality beyond their narrow worldview.

From mass deletion of useful articles from Wikipedia to the bands of trolls constantly closing questions they don't understand on SO. From land of "developers" creating "API"s they constantly and willfully break and defecate (deprecate).. because why shouldn't everyone else be expected to constantly play semantic musical chairs to make *your* unorganized life marginally easier?

All of those who think taking settings away and denying user choice constitutes a better user experience or who truly believe everyone appreciates your nonsensical unproductive abstract notions of art that make software painful and unusable...There is a cure. You can be saved.

Avoid use of ALL computer INPUT device until end of days n ye shall be cured. ~ from Book of Krusteaz 12:10.

Comment Re:Can VR really "fail"? (Score 2) 88

I hate to say never but I feel like VR will fail for the same reason "3D TV" has essentially failed. People "like" immersive things but that is not the real reason why people play games or watch content. The idea that it is "better" doesn't necessarily matter.

This explains why industry stopped producing better hardware after N64.

The market for this is very very small: Nerds who don't interact with other people, novelty and kids (who want it for the novelty). The idea that even teens will continue to use this over "regular" consumption of games and content seems crazy. People want to all see the same thing at the same time if in a group so this is inherently anti-social.

This explains why split screen / LAN play has not become an endangered species.

I own 3D TV&Projector and never use them for 3D. It turns out that the added benefit from 3D doesn't beat the drawback of needing to wear glasses, the

What does 3D have to do with VR? Stereo depth perception completely falls off after a few dozen feet IRL. The point of VR isn't 3D. If stereo effect were turned off it would hardly matter at all. At least try a Rift or Vive for yourself before passing judgment. VR is about being inside the game not "3D". These are two completely different things.

fatigue of feeling tied down, etc. That is without any $ issues. VR is like 1000x worse in this regard and that will kill people who but VR content, even if they own the hardware.

People who have thrown down thousands on fancy projectors to play games like Elite in style discover VR is like 1000x better and never go back to flat games and put their projectors up on eBay.

Crappy software sales will kill the reason to develop for the hardware.

Adding VR support to software means increased sales from those who demand VR content and may not purchase otherwise. It's extra revenue in exchange for extra work. How much and whether it's worth it is title specific yet the value proposition both in terms of effort required to support VR and customer base improves with time.

All major engines support VR out of the box. Starting new development with a VR friendly workflow means if you want to spend extra to add VR support to your title later puts you in a position to do so at minimal added cost.

Comment Re:Language? (Score 2) 139

You are kidding right?

Its a way of providing UX in a consistent way across many different contributors.

In the real world with companies like Microsoft constantly changing their "design language" to make their products look new and different what you actually end up with is pointless confusion and inconsistent interfaces with nothing substantive to show for it in return.

Comment Carry signs, shout and light things on fire (Score 1) 477

If anyone says something or behaves in a manner not to your liking it is your DUTY to "shut them down" and "call them out". You must protest until they stop doing what upsets/triggers you. If you fail at this you will never have good luck ...ever.. and your SJW membership will be permanently revoked no matter how much of a raving loon you continue 2B.

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