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Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 201

Typically salt domes are used for storage. At high enough pressure to be usable the salt melts. Rocks and steel would eventually, too. If you extract the heat you are subject to the Carnot limits to efficiency. Batteries avoid this.

Ok, now I feel dirty. Using 'Carnot' in a general discussion feels wrong.

Comment Re:makes sense (Score 2) 186

That would be interesting if Tamino himself had been an actual scientist, publishing his rebuttal in a peer reviewed journal.

Tamino is Grant Foster, a statistician who does publish in peer reviewed literature. In my opinion, this will likely be published unless someone else beats him to it. That will at best take a long time, while this can show up immediately.

Comment Re:Normal is not what you think (Score 1) 171

I love how you say "normally" when the vast number of people who have cars live in apartments where it may not be "normal" to have a plug anywhere near the car at night.

It will take a long time, but what we need are construction rules that require a parking place with access to power for each new apartment. Some effort has already gone into this but it's still just beginning.

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