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Comment Re:making thinner and more apple only service take (Score 5, Informative) 86

Theres really no really research left that can make workstations better. I commend you for being so resistant to change, but Apple will lose money if they don’t stay ahead of the trend and unfortunately I don't think workstations are going to make Apple tons of money.

Comment Re:3.18? That's pretty new. (Score 1) 101

The problem is that Google doesn't mainline any of their changes. It rots in their "open source" repository and they reuse those code lines for new products long after it is wise to do so because some derivative hardware isn't supported by mainline.

  Googles open source philosophy is far from collaborative. They unilaterally change things without any thought about how it might affect other people. That is incompatible with the Linux kernel development.

Comment Re:Netcraft confirms it: 2.2 Lives On! (Score 2) 101

That's not a fair comparison. Releases are done very differently now. Also version schemes of old kernels don't match version schemes since 3.0, so that might mislead younger people.

Also the 2.4 kernel was the one that just wouldn't die. It was maintained until 2011. I guess 2.6 was just too drastic of a change for some folks.

Comment Re:Worlds Fastest Computer (Score 2) 94

A quantum instruction is still issue by a classical computer and the results of computation are stored in a classical computer. The instructions that are issued are quantum instructions that can solve a very specific part of a problem that can be solved on a quantum computer far more efficiently than on a classical computer. Not all problems fall into this category.

Classical computers turn on and off circuits to do different kinds of computation. The quantum computer does the same thing, but turning on the right circuits cause quantum entanglement.

Comment Re: I can see customers lining up now . . . (Score 1) 115

I applauds it. The desktop is dying. Windows 10 can be running on non general purpose devices like iOS, Android and chrome book. If they don't do something fast they will be dead. I won't count on their success, but it's a step in the right direction. Most high end Internet connected media devices are either running some proprietary locked down systems running on a linux kernel. Microsoft has to either join them or die.

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