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Comment Re:Self-respecting drunks (Score 1) 178

If it's reasonable to force people to install them on their cars, it's reasonable to make people use them with their bicycle in the same circumstances

No, it is not reasonable. A 30 lb bicycle, which for most riders barely goes above 20mph, being considered equivalent to a 2000+ pound machine that can trivially exceed 80 mph, is downright idiotic.

Comment Re:the original intent (Score 2) 272

There never was an original intent to "intellectual property" as you think it does because it doesn't exist in the US. Instead, we have patents, copyrights, and trademarks, three different sets of laws with three different purposes.

For patents, there was never any intention about protecting 'the little guy', it was to discourage secrets and to enrich the public domain, by making a bargain in exchange for disclosing of secrets. Prior to patents, many technological acheivements were kept secret and when the inventor died or guild disbanded, the knowledge went to the grave with them.

If intellectual property ever had an original intent, it would be to confuse people into thinking of all three of those sets of laws as the same thing, and to compare them to physical goods. It seems to have worked on you.

Comment Re:See no need to go to git (Score 1) 245

You don't need DVCS for more than one developer, but certainly for some teams, organizations, and situations it offers a lot of benefits.

Fir a lot of projects the DVCS advantages are tenuous. A lot of regulated industries mandate by law fairly strict top-down control that erodes a lot of the DVCS benefits. A lot of projects are not pure software projects that have lots of required binaries files that git and mercurial are powerless to merge sensibly. A lot of organizations have a variety of projects all stored in a single repository for whatever reason, and having to clone the entire thing for a single project is a nuisance.

For situations like those, which are commonplace in the commercial world, SVN and the centralized model is a fine way of doing things.

In my experience, DVCS is excellent for pure software projects, and sucks for anything else. SVN on the other hand is a great tool that is useful for a great number of projects beyond software.

In otherwords, use the tool with the right capabilities for the task at hand, not because of what's trendy.

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