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Comment All My Idea (Score 1) 323

We've been playing the Trump Drinking Game based on his "compulsive behaviors" at the debates.
Each debate, someone does a shot when he sniffs, interrupts the moderator, or says any of "let me tell you," "I'm very proud of it," "it's a (total) disaster," "worst [something] ever," "disgusting," "believe me," and "sad" (may have been others, but I may have passed out).
Everybody drinks if he leans into the microphone and says "wrong", boasts about his company, or says "nobody respects women more than me."

Great times. Wasted inside the first 40 minutes.
No more debates.

Comment Re:I've come to dread these events... (Score 1) 142

I feel this. I'm desperate for an upgrade for my 2010 model. If Apple fucks this up, I'll be torn between a refurbished previous model or an XPS 15 (which is pretty great except, well, Windows).

Seriously, now that HP and Dell are making some decent laptops, Apple has got to start taking their computer line seriously again. Their tendency to take more away with each update, and then sleep on them for months and months while CPU and GPU tech forges ahead, has made for an excruciating experience. I appreciate that Apple products have lifespans and support far longer than your typical "consumer electronics" product, manufactured in bursts and then dropped (is that a revision CA582-J or a revision BB354-Q... Sony and HP were particularly egregious at this), and Apple DOES have excellent support (last Winter, they swapped out the motherboard of a 2010 model for a buddy of mine for free... who the fuck else does that for a 5-year-old product?) but Apple doesn't upgrade anything for well over a year, even their "flagship" Mac Pro. FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK. And when they do upgrade, will they ditch something people like... slots in the Mac Pro? MagSafe, SD and USB Type-A ports in the Macbook Pro? I'll need to carry an adapter to plug in... thumb drives? Camera cards? Like nearly everything?

On location, the man says, "here, look at this" handing me a card out of his Nikon, and I gotta say "No... I got a new Macbook Pro... and forgot my dongle..."

Comment Re:Cheap wha? (Score 1) 227

I could add this club soda to my gin, or I could use this cool catalyst to turn the club soda into... stronger gin!
Kids will be turning Sprite into kamikaze shots in their bedrooms!
The liquor cabinet's locked, and yet the child is wasted....
Pbpbpbphhhh.... itza zience pppprrojeckt, Mommmm... A P Kem-isss-Tree!

Comment So... in a few years... (Score 4, Insightful) 170

Can I rig Call of Duty with an AI auto-pilot plug-in, and just sit back and watch it steam-roll over all the sucker humans in the game? If I play an online game like Overwatch and get smeered over and over by an opponent(s) with perfect aim and lightning-quick moves, will I just assume someone's introduced a bot into the game and I'm wasting my time with my hopelessly inferior carbon-based reflexes? Gaming may need its own version of the Butlerian Jihad.

Comment Re:Why does anyone update? (Score 5, Interesting) 172

NOT (quite) CORRECT. You can defer updates in the PRO version.
Settings-->Update & Security-->Windows Update--> Advanced options-->Defer Upgrades
Been working for me for months, whereas my one guinea-pig system that I didn't switch did upgrade eventually.
Security updates continued to come through.

Why they don't offer Defer Upgrades in the Home version is... I don't know. Cockiness. Force features on the Home-version Plebes.
Why they don't vet these updates better is... bizarre.
Apple pushed out five (I think) public betas before releasing Sierra, and the only thing I've noticed wrong is they yanked out PPTP VPN (they sent out warnings, but I didn't get the memo). Maybe the right thing to do, but it still messed me up. OTOH, I yelled at M$ through the Insider Program that their latest wasn't installing, and DID THEY LISTEN? If they'd only just do exactly what I tell them exactly when I say at all times... but noooooooooooo, 'cause we're Microsoft and we all went to Harvard we want to get into CELL PHONES 'cuz Uncle Pewterschmidt says that's where the money is!

Hey, Microsoft, if you that CEO position becomes vacant again, gimme a call. Fix everything, for 1/10 what you pay Satya. Maybe 1/3. We'll talk.

Comment Re:Damn this is inconvenient (Score 2) 81

800K 3.5" drives worked fine with the Apple //c later //e's... it was called the UniDisk 3.5, and compared to a 140K 5.25" floppy it was practically a hard drive (well, a Zip Disk, if you remember those things). The //c+ had an 800K disk built-in.
The UniDisk was a little-bit smart, had it's own processor if I recall, which allowed it to be plug-n-play with the // line. External 800K disks for Macs, in contrast, wouldn't work on the //'s (except for the //gs).

Comment Re:Why would you want tech companies in the downto (Score 1) 305

Manhattan has three basic divisions, "uptown," "midtown," and "downtown." The financial district is contained within the geographic area of "downtown" (which starts at the Battery and has a nebulous northern border somewhere between the Village and 34th St).

The "Financial District" is not really "contained" in downtown anymore. The only major players left: Goldman, the NYSE, the AMEX. And Chase still has a building. The other major financial players have moved to midtown on Park Avenue, uptown from Grand Central and the Helmsley Building. For a while, they were building office parks in New Jersey. And what's taking their place? Residential. Yeah, those old office buildings have turned into luxury condos and co-ops.

For me, the upper limit of "Downtown" is the City Hall and Park Row where J&R used to be. Anything North of City Hall Park isn't proper Downtown. It's lower Chinatown, around Columbus Park where the old people do Tai Chi, whereas on the west side is TriBeCa.

Canal Street is the major dividing line running east-west, and hooks up with the Manhattan Bridge. North of that, you have more Chinatown, what's left of Little Italy, and SoHo to the West, and the Lower East Side to the East where you used to be able to get a cheap roach-filled apartment. Then you reach Houston Street, another major dividing line - North of it is Greenwich Village to the West, East Village to the East. The numbered streets start (Houston Street is essentially "0" street). It's all Village until you reach 14th Street.

It's kinda Midtown from there, 'cause it's no longer Village and damn-well ain't Downtown. But really it's Chelsea, Gramercy and Stuyvesant. Midtown, really, isn't until you get past Flat Iron to Nomad, Kips Bay and the Empire State Building at 34th Street. Then it's really Midtown, stretching up Northward until 59th Street which marks the lower end of Central Park... dividing the City between the Upper East Side to the East, and the Upper West Side to the, you get the idea. Get past the Park, you're in Harlem. North of that, Washington Heights and the GW Bridge to Chris Christie-land. Once you reach Inwood, there's nowhere else to go except across the Harlem River to the Bronx.

The town so nice, they named it twice. What I'd do for a slice.

Comment Re:Dear Mr.Ahmad (Score 1) 467

and also thanks for reminding us that Twitter is the place to memorialize things said before thinking. At least you followed-up to soften it a bit after reviewing the, you know, facts. Kudos for that; many Twitter-users who post something stupid would just as soon double-down on whatever idiocy they posted.

Comment Re:This'll go over well.. (Score 2) 148

Like a fart in a Megachurch.

Not sure I get that one. If the service is jumping with all the music and outstretched hands, drool and what-not, not unlike an Metallica concert, a good fart should go completely unnoticed, particularly the silent-but-deadly kind likely to be mistaken for B.O., which from the looks of a typical mega-congregation should be intense. Megachurch services are not quiet, seance-like affairs.

Now, a fart in a confessional, that'll lead to a few Hail Mary's.

Comment Re:Red Box is Cheap (Score 1) 385

True. It gets annoying when there's a queue browsing and looking puzzled at the machine. They haven't learned that that you reserve in advance, online (sigh, get with it people, there's an app on your phone). With practice, if you're lucky to be in an area with lots of these machines, you learn which ones don't draw the crowd of impulse renters, and you can quickly be on your way. And if you're on the road anyway to pick up some chips or a pizza, it's not a thing.

There's bound to be a day when online catches up price-wise... has to. But for some reason, it ain't here yet.

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