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Comment Re:"Ignored Again" (Score 1) 16


Also why not introduce a new keyboard with a touch bar for all other desktop macs so every user who wants to use the touch capabilities would do so on the millions of desktop macs out there.
This would transform how people do things rather abruptly and make it so that older hardware can get access to the newer features of software and newer services like Apple Pay.

And why not intro a new bigger track pad with the newer tech.

Both of those things would show a certain amount of understanding of what their customers would want and need.
Hopefully in time those things will become available.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 331


3 thoughts.
1. Why not buried under your house or in a big safe in your house?
2.. Hope you don't get in an accident where you whack your brain and have trouble remembering things.
3. Watch our for those goofy people with metal detectors looking for coins and artifacts.


Comment Re:Why is everyone obsessed about headphone jack (Score 1) 551

So do all of the gazillions of adapters that hordes of people use that you can pick up at the checkout in vast numbers of stores... yet for me at least they get the job done.

Not certain it matters if apple endorses something for it to be useful for a particular person.

Comment Re:Why is everyone obsessed about headphone jack (Score 1) 551

I have an old connector to lightning connector for my car. It just stays there and if one of my kids wants to plug in their device. they just pull of the adapter part.
Best of both worlds.

You will just need a lightning connector that has an audio out and charger.
You will be golden. Netflixing down the road at a furious pace.

Comment Re:Why is everyone obsessed about headphone jack (Score 1) 551

Well not entering road rage mode is a good thing at least.
Although... I think I could get Netflix rage with a 3 second delay in an Acura.... that would drive me flippin' nuts.
Might tip me over the edge all on its own.

Much harder to watch Zombie Apocalypse if zombies are growling 3 seconds after they have already attacked.

Comment Re:Because they don't care (Score 1) 551

"Why not just load a revolver with one bullet, spin the barrel, point at your phone and pull the trigger?"

That is funny.
Anyhow. They make one and other people will as well. There is a market for such things.

I use non-apple licensed stuff every day in my phone.
Lots of people I know do as well. Chargers, car chargers, USB lightning cables. Adapters of all sorts.
Could there be some problems? .... I have yet to have a problem, but I do hear of some problems now and again.

It is not nearly so melodramatic as Russian Roulette.

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