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Comment Re:Oh Boy (Score 1) 143

I'm 47. When I was a young boy, regular alkaline batteries were pretty much the same as what we have now. I did see some cheap batteries leak, but those were the exception. Almost no one was using rechargeable batteries, that's true, but it was because we didn't care about the environment and found buying batteries and changing batteries more convenient. As an example, in 80s I bought a Sony Walkman F-601 which came with a rechargeable battery giving me about 10 hours of tape and 40 hours of radio, but I still found recharging it a pain in the ass so I often used the external case to use two regular AA batteries instead.

Batteries did improve, but not as much as you make it look.

Comment AI means communism? (Score 1) 207

Eradicate poverty? But we already have, at least in Western countries. People living in "poverty" have access to better housing condition (with heating, lighting, sewage, water, etc), better food, and much, much better health care than a king from the past.

Poverty is like voltage. It's not a representation of what people have, but a representation of a difference between what different people have. The only way to eradicate poverty would be to live in a communist system. No thank you.

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 1) 365

Like a normal person would do? I wonder who as those "normal" people. Personally, if I see a kid jumping in front of my car, I would brake, I would try to avoid the kid if I have the space to do it, but I would not roll my car in a ditch and I certainly would not put my life in danger. And considering the number of pedestrians who are killed each year, I'd say that I'm the "normal" person.

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 1) 365

Your reasoning is based on a false premise. Things like Tesla are not AI vehicles, there are not even self-driving cars. The closest we have is the one from Google, and it's not ready yet. It's not even close to being ready. Right now, we have zero statistics about self-driving cars.

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 1) 365

Creating more disruptions in traffic flow? It will be the opposite. It is well documented that "assertive" driving and our enormous latency is what cause disruptions in traffic flow.

Anyway, the day there will be a self-driving car, if it is at a reasonable price, they will be a very easy sell for me.

Comment Re:Anita Sarkeesian: Destroyer of Shareholder Valu (Score 1) 313

99% of Twitter users have never heard of these people

The big "scandal" was with Leslie Jones and mainstream media talked about it. So even people who don't use Twitter (like myself) at least partially heard about it. I agree that sadly the majority of the population would sympathize with the censorship and the "progressive" attitude of Twitter, but there is still an important minority of pro free speech people who are hurting badly the image of Twitter.

Comment Re:Eyes wide shut (Score 2) 287

Imagine if there was a coup in Mexico from a pro-Russia party and supported by Russia. Do you think the US would only send a few soldiers and annex a small part of the country? Compared to the US, Russia is a saint. Oh, and by the way, if you take the time to learn about the history of Crimea, you'll realize it was always Russian. People who live there consider themselves as Russian. That's why the referendum in Crimea was overwhelmingly to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

Comment Re:In all fairness (Score 1) 254

I live in Montreal. Every day, I take highway 40. The speed limit is 70 kph. That's the law. I drive between 80 and 90 kph, sometimes 100 kph. I'm pretty much the slowest driver on this highway. No one respects the speed limit. Do you want another example? We should all do a full stop at a stop sign. No one fucking does it. There's not a single human driver who respect the law.

Comment Re:Why is this here? (Score 5, Insightful) 380

I'm Canadian. Apart from Canadian and US media, I also regularly read news from Le Monde and Le Figaro, Al Jazeera, Russia Today and China Daily. My conclusion? All media are doing an enormous amount of propaganda. You may prefer left-wing propaganda over right-wing propaganda, you may prefer pro-establishment propaganda over anti-establishment propaganda, but it is propaganda nonetheless.

Comment Re: Putin has Trump's back... (Score 1) 342

In the case of Ukraine, Russia is right. Crimea is Russian and was Russian for hundred of years. People living in Crimea consider themselves as Russians, not as Ukrainians. Also, the rest of the country should have been partitioned. I am extremely critical of NATO, mainly for its political positions. I also think sanctions on Russia should be lifted, Russia is not the enemy, I'm strongly against helping Muslim extremists in Syria, I believe Assad should stay in power, I was against the intervention in Libya, against the support to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, etc.

Basically, I'm strongly against the whole foreign policy of Obama, and Clinton will continue that policy. Clinton is a warmonger and although my military service was the best years of my life, I don't like much the idea of soldiers and civilians dying for petty political games.

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