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Comment THis is why we need smart funding (Score 1) 240

We need to start raising the tax on gasoline and diesel by .01 / gal / month.
Note that the gasoline portion should go to the state in which it was collected, while the diesel portion should remain with the feds. Then there has to be a stipulation that all of this will go ONLY INTO INFRASTRUCTURE.

By doing this slowly, it will not harm the economy in any way. Likewise, by raising money, rather than borrowing, it builds today, without taking from tomorrow.

Comment wonder why asian elephant? (Score 1) 160

Seriously, the Mammoth is larger than a n African Elephant. So, it actually makes sense to use that for the base.
Still, this is going to be interesting. Hopefully, this will pick up Asian's nice demeanor. THough thinking about it, maybe the reason why the mammoths were hunted to extinction is their demeanor was even easier going than an Asian Elephant's.

Comment Re:Is there a product these patents protect? (Score 1) 69

Comment Natrual Gas and Trump (Score 1) 199

Trump is very likely going to allow the major exporting of oil and nat gas. We will see these go WAY UP IN PRICE in America.
As long as we invest into nuke power, America will be OK. Otherwise, we are going to see our electricity and nat gas prices go WAY UP, and lose a bunch of our chemical industry jobs.

Comment Re:No more Haze in Grand Canyon (Score 1) 199

i worked at CDC and then DARPA under reagan. I was on the ground floor of HIV and know the stuff that NEVER made the 'historical' book, the band played on.
I can tell you that reagan and his cunt wife were personally responsible for allowing HIV to spread in America. Why? Because CDC went to him asking for 50 million to track those who had it. At the time, we KNEW that there were fewer than 500 ppl with an infection (turned out later, once known, that it was less than 200). We could not have stopped its spread, but we could have put it back DECADES. reagan, nancy and a PRIEST made the choice to NOT FUND THIS. 50 fucking million dollars.

And I worked at DARPA later and saw how reagan's ppl operated then. reagan was the start of the GOP that HATE AND DISTRUST SCIENCE.
The reason is that logic/science could be used to stop them from the fucking raving of the world that he was doing.

reagan was the worst. W make reagan look good. And trump? Well, we will have to see. The fact that he has Thiel and Musk is a DAMN GOOD THING.

Comment Re:No more Haze in Grand Canyon (Score 1) 199

OMG. I hope that you are being sarcastic, but I know better.
I wish that I had used my mod points instead. I would have modded you down.
Reagan was the WORST. With Watts, and Gorsuch were total FUCK-UPS and did even more damage to our environment than all of the previous presidents before.
It was NIXON, followed by Carter that cleaned up things. EPA was created by Nixon while reagan tried hard to kill it off and sell our public lands.
reagan and W were 2 of our presidents, until Trump came along.

Comment Re:No more Haze in Grand Canyon (Score 1) 199

why do you ACs trolls post here and prove that the far right are a bunch of idiots?
There was NOTHING that O did to kill Coal in any way. Yeah, he blocked mining on public land and prevented rate cuts that the GOP wants to give big coal (big coal already pays less on public land, than any other nation charging miners).
But,there is little doubt that it was Nat Gas being so low, combined with the Mercury emission cuts, that killed off the coal so far.
And with wind being cheaper than coal, it is also stopping new coal.

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