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Comment So just takes the worst measurement you can find? (Score 1) 114

Imho there is only 1 valid measurement for cloud solutions, how much will certain performance cost you. And you can only really find out by testing it for _your_ specific goal. Some apps require more cpu, others more disk, others more ram... there's no single number to indicate your price/performance index.

Comment Why not set a limit to total weight? (Score 2) 373

I've never really understood the stupid luggage limits, I'm a fairly light guy so why do I have to pay more for a few kilos of extra luggage while the person next to me weighs 30 kilos more? It's never really been about the weight but just about adding costs... and this should have happened a long time ago ;)

Comment It all depends on the workload... (Score 1) 162

Different SSD, different target...

What would you expect? Loading games and applications is mostly about reading a large block as data as fast as possible and your CPU processing it. The CPU is the larger limit if not the actual transfer speed. Random IO (where these are much faster) is not that big of an issue for most games.

Comment Re:physical access (Score 1) 375

Actually... I've had the kde screensaver crash on me at some point which effectively unlocked my machine.

Also, I've seen notifications come through the lock which allowed you to task-switch out of the lock. I believe I once had this on OS X lion as well, although it could have been an earlier version.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 163

No, I don't think we should give up. I am just trying to point out that making people aware of this has more effect than refusing to use these services.

People are not aware that this happens and/or is possible.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 3, Insightful) 163

Even besides that. It doesn't matter if you're ok or not. Even if you don't share your information, if one of your friends has your information on a phone and shares this with facebook it will still be shared...

Regardless of whether you've ever consented to share it with facebook or anything else.

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