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Comment Re:And the mic? (Score 1) 44

I have a 6s as does my wife and son, and an iPhone 5 before that, and we've never had these issues.

I have a 6+ (over 2 years now), and an iPhone 4 before that. I haven't had any of the oft reported issues on either, such as "antennagate", "bendgate", or random shutdowns. Not sure if I'm lucky, or if some users are doing weird stuff with their phones.

Comment Re:Shift from offering products to exploiting user (Score 1) 153

It has never been a Democracy. It was always an Oligarchy. The rich white men (mostly slaveowners) who were running the country wanted to keep running the country, and wanted to get the Monarchy out of it. But they didn't want every plebe to have a voice, that would be madness!

You can trash the founding fathers of this country all you want, but they instituted a form of government that gave every plebe far more autonomy than ever existed in the past, even giving the plebes the ability to change it or abolish it if necessary.

It's our job to get vocal, get active, and get Democracy. Abolish the electoral college, as well as the practice of denying felons the vote. That only creates more incentive to find those who are politically inconvenient guilty of a felony.

Here's a thought experiment for you: Do you suppose Democracy would lead to more laws being passed or fewer laws? If the former, would that lead to more felons, or fewer?

I agree that former felons ought to have voting rights restored. But I really think they should ALL rights restored, including their 2nd amendment rights.

Comment Too much noise (Score 4, Interesting) 170

I definitely got a little burned out on Social Media since the election. I think I've used Twitter a half dozen times since then, and am only checking Facebook once or twice a day, usually to send birthday greetings. Some days I don't get on at all. It definitely lets you do more important/productive things, and you stay out of arguments with your left/right friends who are posting fallacious memes.

Comment Re:And, I might start buying more from them again. (Score 1) 183

Under $10 (most under $5). It is just not feasible to ship that for free by it self.

Yeah, but you're ignoring 2 points: 1) I already paid $119 for a Prime membership, which is supposed to give you free 2-day shipping and 2) I'd be willing to pay shipping for a low cost item, but that is not an option with "Add-on Items".

Comment Re:And, I might start buying more from them again. (Score 1) 183

When free shipping went up to $49, I stopped buying as much from them. I might use them more again now, $35 was easy to pad a purchase to reach- $49 isn't.

Amazon's goal is to get you to buy more stuff than you need. What really irritates me is that I paid $119 for a prime account, and then a lot of things you look at are "Add-on Items", meaning that they only qualify for free prime shipping on orders over $25--but you can't buy them alone even if you'd be willing to pay for shipping. I needed to get some over-sized U-Bolts for my camper. Nobody locally carried them--Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, or the local hardware stores. Amazon had them for $8, but I had to add an additional $17 worth of stuff I didn't really want or need at them time before they would ship them to me.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 118

It's over, folks. The capitalist/technological system is self-defeating; on the one hand you have the weird notion that you have to work every day to survive, yet technology increases all of our productivity.
We can't have both at the same time.

Sure you can. It's called doing new things. I'm currently involved in business process improvement at my workplace. I'm converting all of our paper forms into electronic forms. Additionally, I write automation & workflows for those forms. Multi-part forms automatically get routed from one person to another to perform different tasks after each part is completed. Once that's all finished, everything goes into our document management system automatically. So no printing, shuffling paperwork from department to department, or scanning. And it's done in a fraction of the time. That allows the people who worked on those tasks to do other things that we've wanted to do here but haven't had the time.

Comment Re:I've noticed a lot of errors in 'Downfall' (Score 1) 52

Something is clearly wrong with the translations of the Downfall videos. Sometimes it's about SAP, sometimes it's about the World Cup, but my limited German tells me it's about the fall of the Third Reich.

We're living in the postmodern era. The interpretation is left up to the viewer!

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