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Comment Re:Feasible but how useful is it? (Score 1) 51

You are right, it's a mere million per phone model! Million guesses should be easily doable in couple of days, if there are no limit of queries per IP. And it might be still open -

Although the flaw has been fixed in the latest version, the majority of the users are still in danger as they have not got access to the new release yet. The CM Security Research Lab advises Truecaller users to upgrade this app to the latest version as soon as possible.

It sounds like they still allow access by IMEI only, at least for accounts that did not update client software yet.

Comment Re:Feasible but how useful is it? (Score 1) 51

Deviously clever, anyway 14 digits is something about 100 trillion, in scientific terms that's more that 100 million LoC (Libraries of Congress). What would be your script brute forcing speed, approximately? Because if it'll be less then about 4 LoCs per second - running this script would be a lifetime affair.

Comment Re:Feasible but how useful is it? (Score 1) 51

Hmm, nope, what they say is that you need correct IMEI to get access to the data - quote:

The researcher found that Truecaller uses devices’ IMEI as the only identity label of its users. Meaning that anyone gaining the IMEI of a device will be able to...

No IMEI - no honey.

I'm not saying it's perfectly OK - you could think of many possible situations when this could be used to get access to personal data. Like if some phone manufacturers assign IMEI sequentially. But in real world it's unlikely that this 'vulnerability' will ever be used for fun or profit. Anyway, it would not be terribly difficult to additionally protect this database by security token stored on the phone.

Comment Re:Story is BS (Score 1) 120

Unless they magically had specific training on the Buk weapons system, their chances of even launching a missile would be slim to none.

Who do you mean by they? Ukrainians have Buk's and S300's, look here - evidently they a able to fire those at random targets and deny everything afterwards.

I tell you it's a coin flip, both sides had a technical means to do it, Ukrainians had motive, Russians had not. Sorry but I have zero trust for "evidence" produced by either side.

Comment Re:Story is BS (Score 1) 120

Ok, lets see the alternative - USSR refuses to occupy eastern part of Poland, so Hitler takes it all, up to the soviet border. Less territory between Germany and soviet industrial cities - worse position for USSR in 41. That was a good reason for occupation by itself. And, BTW, Poland was part of Russian Empire until it's demise in 1917 - some 22 years prior this events, just like Ukraine now.

Comment Re:Story is BS (Score 0) 120

Further, only the Russian-backed terrorists had been shooting down aircraft because only Ukraine had aircraft so the claim from the drunk Russians and terrorists that it was Ukrainian Buk which shot down the civilian airliner is, like this picture, completely false and made up out of thin air.

Or it could be that drunk Ukrainian nazis shot the plane to blame drunk Russian terrorists. Ukraine would never shot down the civil plane and lie about it? Well, they could - . Could it be Russian military? Sure, it could be, and they would never acknowledge it. But why are you so sure, did you toss a coin? Why did traffic control sent plane through the war zone? And why do we discuss this shit on so called news for nerds? I propose this - Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who... Unless giant human-like robots (or at least filesystem creators) are involved

Comment Re:This is really wierd (Score 1) 184

Yes, and do not forget - Saddam had a HUGE stockpiles of WMD hidden so well that those are still not found! And it's universally known that he preferred Christian Babies to cereals for breakfast! And Iraqi Kurds - very good point, I bet 2,000,000 is a gross underestimation, 2,000,000 killed by Saddam personally every year is more like it! I bet Kurds sing praises for US every day - they are so much safer now, after when oppressive Saddam is gone! ISIS threats their woman so much kinder.

Comment Re:So wait... (Score 1) 58

Yes, Russia 3-rd ultimate goal is to occupy Romania! First two are Honduras (Ha! Nobody expect ..) and a Falkland Islands (take that, Argentina and UK!). Right after that - Romania! Sneaky Russians seemingly not paying attention to Romania, harbouring secret hopes it will quit NATO, and then... BAM!

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