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Comment Opera 12 was the last sane browser (Score 1) 766

I really don't know why they killed Presto tbh ... it was faster (in real-time execution speed, which mostly means DOM performance, not useless JS benchmarks) than any other browser, and it took less resources. I mean heck, My workflow (on a 256 MB machine, mind you) was opening roughly 50 to 100 forum threads at once, and it didn't slow down perceavably. Try that on chrome or firefox and they die after the first 20 pages or so even if you have multiple gigs or RAM.

Comment Re: Censorship has never improved society (Score 1) 117

> There should be no such thing as a law against "hate speech".....

And there isn't. The two laws in question are Wiederbetätigung ("but the nazis were the good guys", "no, KZs are a lie") and Volksverhetzung (sedition), both of which are generally interpreted _very_ narrowly.

Comment Confirmed (Score 1) 212

The last three infections I had were all along the lines of "Virus detected" - "Attempting to remove virus" - [system hijacked]. Seriously, how hard is it to write a reliable and bug free quarantine -.-

Maybe antivirus companies should spend more time on that than adding fucking useless spyware features to their own products (like ssl interception)

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