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Comment List of links to "forgotten" pages? (Score 1) 81

I see the linked "Notices received from search engines" page has several low quality screen shot images showing the Google "notice of removal from Google Search". The links can barely be made out from these images. How about actually copying and pasting the list of URLs as text? Let's crank the Streisand effect up to 11!

Comment Upverter is a dead end for your project? (Score 4, Informative) 38

It looks to me like the Upverter web site stores your design in the cloud, using their own proprietary web based tool, and you can't save or edit it on your own machine. So it Upverter's site goes down, or if they decide to make you pay for it, or they go out of business, or whatever, your design is lost! I would much prefer to use a truly open solution like gEDA or KiCAD. At least with proprietary and limited Eagle, you can save stuff locally and use it forever.

Comment The U.S. Customary system of units must die! (Score 1) 94

modern imperial system

That, sir, is an oxymoron.

I put forth a compelling argument for the United States to join the world with the International System of Units. Forward this to your friends who still think that ounces (fluid ounce or international avoirdupois ounce? British or U.S. fluid ounce? Apothecary ounce?), pints, and inches are the way to go.

Comment Title case vs. sentence case (Score 5, Interesting) 275

After giving it some thought, I have decided that "Sentence case" is superior to "Title Case" from the viewpoint of precision. By capitalizing words in headings and titles of publications (of which there are many different ways to do it!), information is lost as to whether a particular word was a proper noun or not.

Furthermore, there are words (capitonyms) that completely change meaning and possibly pronunciation depending on the capitalization. For instance, "polish your shoes" vs. "eat a Polish sausage", or "measure the mass" vs. "go to Mass".

Using title case is a lossy operation.

Comment I thought I was the only one (Score 1) 869

Wow, it's good to hear that someone else has that same problem with '/usrsr/binin/'... while I try not to trash Gnome too much (I think every DE/WM has its problems) this little annoyance makes me wonder... what were they thinking?

I did come up with a bit of a workaround when you want to type a full path, however. Suppose you want to enter '/usr/bin/gvim' in the file chooser--since it's much faster to just type it than click, click, scroll, click all over the filesystem to find the file, but I digress--you can type 'gvim', then put the cursor at the beginning of the input field and type '/usr/bin/'. This prevents Gnome (or GTK+??) from destroying your input.

Comment Moving to a DVCS does not have to be hard (Score 1) 346

The Perl foundation's move to Git took so long primarily because they had to gather decades of history from scattered sources: "Some of the patch sets were apparently recovered from old hard drives".

For instance, the MySQL project moved to Bazaar last year, apparently very smoothly. Getting started with Bazaar for MySQL.

Comment Parkour (Score 1) 109

I just have to say thanks for mentioning 'parkour'! I looked it up on Wikipedia and learned about it. I played Mirror's Edge and thought that the whole idea of the runners and their movement techniques was really cool, and now I learn there is an actual word for the movement techniques! That's great.

Now I'm off to learn parkour IRL.

Comment Re:A nice piece of work (Score 1) 300

It's not that hard to do this attack, but it does take some resources. They used a farm of 200 Playstation 2 machines to attack MD5. This is well within the capabilities of, say, the Russian Business Network.

Actually, they were PlayStation 3 machines. "Luckily it is also very suited for the special SPU cores of the Cell Processor that the Sony PlayStation 3 uses. We had about 200 PS3s at our disposal, located at the 'PlayStation Lab' of Arjen Lenstra at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland"


Submission + - RFID Badges Flawed - They don't want you to know.

Spunky812 writes: CNET's news.com is reporting that "Security researchers have canceled a talk on the flaws of RFID-equipped building access badges after receiving legal threats from a major manufacturer". Looks like companies can threaten to sue you for pointing out that their product has a major flaw...

Submission + - A judge-compatible tool that enforces the GPL?

Dave Taylor writes: "Does there exist a tool that takes as inputs an arbitrary compiled executable and the source code to a GPL project, and that then compiles that GPL source down using different compilers and compiler versions, and then does all the clever machine language interpretation to figure out whether odds are high that sections of your source code has been ripped off? If it does do this, is that tool's output enough for a judge to write a subpoena to see the source code of the executable in question to see if it violates the GPL?"

Submission + - Myspace and GoDaddy shut down security archives

Gerald writes: "According to a post on the nmap-hackers mailing list early this morning, Myspace had GoDaddy shut down the entire SecLists.org domain. SecLists.org is run by Fyodor of Nmap fame and hosts many important security-related mailing list archives. This is an important service for the security community.

It looks like someone posted a list of Myspace usernames and passwords to one of the lists archived at SecLists.org. Instead of contacting Fyodor directly about the problem, they contacted his DNS provider (GoDaddy) and had them shut down the entire domain."
United States

Submission + - U.S. Pennies to be Worth Five Cents?

Z-MaxX writes: As a result of the sky-high copper prices, the U.S. one-cent coin can be worth more when melted down and sold as copper metal. New regulations against the melting down and exporting of coins have recently been passed, but Francois Velde, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, thinks these measures will not be enough. He suggests "rebasing" the penny to be worth five cents.

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