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Comment Re:Why is this project necessary? (Score 1) 143

Not really.
According to byuu:

Not only there are some unknown revisions of the games that he managed to find with his project, as the roms were often modified for dealing with emulators with poor heuristics, hacks to remove anti dumper code and just plain malice, like signing the rom with the name of the dumper etc..

Comment Re:Democracy? (Score 1) 207

This sounds nice in paper, but in practice, it's you and your little company against millions of people trying to subvert and break your thing.
But making easier to get the legal alternative generally works a LOT better.
This is why netflix is a thing, steam is a thing, apple store is a thing...
Those worked much better at actually getting money to the companies than any form of law, DRM system or monitoring.

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