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Comment Now with even more show stopper bugs (Score 1) 35

Bluetooth LE is broken, taking a photo in portrait is broken, I mean WTF

Some 3rd party Android nightlies where messy, but this easily beats everything so far. At least they were frequent and easily revertible if needed.

Trying to load the factory images is broken as well if you did not already unlock your bootloader, because unlocking you bootloader is broken as well.

Really Google... WTF

Comment Re:"Did you even test this??!!!" (Score 1) 523

I really wish sometimes that error messages would add a line: "If you are calling for tech support, please write down this code ERR##### and give it to the technician." I know many would still ignore it but

That's why you should log the error, I've maintained an application for years and about 98% of the end-users never advanced past the colour of the error dialog when reporting the error, If they even bothered to report the error, because most did not.

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