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Comment Re:If his phone can easily be hacked, (Score 0) 505

You just broadcast the fact that your entire understanding of the state of security in the business sector is based on idealistic speculation. "He's was a CEO once, so his Android OS must be more secure than everyone else's Android OS!"??? Wow. That is just a phenomenal absurdity.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 0) 505

"Just because he uses it for twitter does not mean hes using it for official business"

You don't seem to understand that when he tweets, he is using it for "official business". Once you understand that simple and obvious point then you will be in a place to begin to get a clue. Hint: "I was the president when I tweeted it, but it was just me having personal fun and I was in no way acting as the President at the time" doesn't fly.

Comment Re:Do NOT delete your account! It's a security ris (Score 0) 100

"Meanwhile, back in reality you listed things that are naturally scarce. There are only so many phone numbers to go around"

And you think email addresses are different? Tell my buddy John Smith how the name space for email addresses isn't limited. Hell, I have an exceedingly rare last name and my first letter last name combo is often already taken when I try to sign up for a new service.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 0) 505

"Top secret meetings have phones barred from entering rooms. I doubt he can get around that no matter how much of an asshole he is.. Hes not Stupid."

Well, in at least one case he got around it by just having the meeting in public, so I hate to break it to you, but yes .... he is quite stupid.

Comment Re:Keep on trying you dumbass democrats (Score 0) 505

"You ain't gonna get rid of him so easily."

What could be easier than doing nothing, then sitting back and watching him self destruct? It is going to be hilarious to see him complain that the press endangered national security by disclosing that the Samsung S3 is the particular insecure platform he is using, and not him for using it.

Comment Re:This Perfectly Illustrates The Craziness (Score 0) 914

I have seen Donald Trump speak and read his Twitter posts. I was in Burlington, VT when he had anyone who wouldn't explicitly identify themselves as a supporter ousted from his rally. Saying the MSM is using dishonest tactics to make Trump look bad is like saying they have been using dishonesty to make it appear as if the White House was actually big and white.

Comment Re:For their next trick... (Score 0) 88

The article is about changing IP Addresses. It is literally about substituting one IP Address for another. He went on to say they should substitute "this address". So you are wrong. The discussion - indeed the entire article - is about the substitution of IP Addresses. It is patently absurd to say that the addresses in question are not IP Addresses.

Comment Re: For their next trick... (Score 0) 88

The subset of the URL that is the domain name resolves to an IP Address. A URL only resolves to an IP address when that URL consist of ONLY the domain name. That was NOT the case in the OPs post, nor is it the case for the vast majority of URLs, as you well know. Most likely you think "resolves to" means "I can determine it. It's in there somewhere". If there is a remainder, it doesn't resolve to it. IOW, given just the IP Address I CANNOT access the content. I don't have enough information. There is no RESOLUTION to my problem as the URL does NOT resolve to an IP.

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