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Comment Re:Language Extensions (Score 2) 17

I've tried using the REST API for Neo4J. The problem with using REST APIs is the time wasted in sending data over the "network". This even applies to a local development machine. The difference in time taken for making queries over a REST API vs using a driver based API is tremendous! It makes a huge difference in data load times. I really don't think the REST API is worth for anything other than testing and prototyping.

Comment Language Extensions (Score 3, Informative) 17

One of Neo4J's strength is the availability of multiple drivers to integrate with Java, PHP, .net, Python (maybe more) My own app that uses a neo4j backend connects to it directly using a java API - which is convenient because that is what the rest of the application is written in. Until I get that convenience, I won't consider trying it out.

Comment AD shaming (Score 5, Interesting) 172

I always thought it was interesting that you can mention another product by name in a TV spot here in America. It is actually illegal in some other countries. You can't name a competitor directly. So most of the time you are left with references to a white box with a generic label like"Product X" or similar. The way they talk about it though, usually makes it clear which other company they are referring to. American advertisers do not have to go through such a loophole.

Comment Start with something creative (Score 2) 312

Start with a goal, the end of which will be something you either need or will be proud of and can show others. Like a personal website or a game. There are many programming paradigms. You can't learn them all. Start with something that will make you feel like you achieved something which will give you the positive feedback loop to keep you interested. That way programming becomes an interest rather than something that you want to do to better your career, earn more money etc. If you do it for the love, other things will follow. I was an electronics engineer who got into programming through modding and game development. If I had gone the route of my peers who learnt to program as a need for the job, I would have hated it and would have been thinking about how to move into management. With my skills and more importantly - interest, I like my job and hence do better at it. TLDR : Start with something fun

Comment Another One? (Score 2) 140

This will probably get me downvoted as a troll but I've begun to drown out the following: 1. New Moon Formation/Age Theory 2. New Dinosaur Extinction Theory 3. New Asteroid On Possible Future Collision with Earth Estimations 4. New Solid State Physics Miracle that Promises Amazing Possibilities 100 Years in the Future. They just seem to disappear and are never heard from again or become part of the background noise of science.

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