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Comment Games are the problem (Score 0) 210

| I don't have many games, but I never really did enjoy gaming on a touch screen anyway."

There you have it. I don't like games either and my el cheapo roboto lasts four days on a single charge. If you're not using your phone to play stuff like games or HEVC videos (unless the phone SoC has a built-in decoder for that). your phone is gong to last a long long time

Comment Political use (Score 1) 102

I suspect the satellite launch has more of political than military purpose. China's economy is going downhill and so it seems is its hopes of Olympic gold, its standing as number 2 (behind US) being threatened:

Who knows, maybe the propaganda bureau decided some good news is in order.

Comment Re:Telegrams? Pony express? (Score 1) 264

The problem stated in the summary was just to make surveillance more "expensive" not impossible for the spying parties. An ad hoc communication/information system that doesn't pass through, e.g Facebook/Google's servers fits the bill. A step up would be a system that doesn't use commercial ISPs, e.g. mesh networks. So there's still a world of choice before you start using your CB radios or narrow-casting using lasers.

Comment Re:We were hacked, honest (Score 1) 117

"hope you have robust offisite backups that are secured

The linux kernel and software ecosystem is a bit sloppy from security and maturity perspective, there are better open source OS with better security libraries"

Maybe you mean offlne not offsite. There's this thing cryptocoiners call paper wallet which stores the crypto keys in printed forms, which are naturally kept offline until the moment you import them into your wallet program by scanning their machine-readable QR codes or if you're incredibly patient manually inputting the alphanumeric codes.

The wallet programs of most if not all Bitcoin-like crypocurrencies are open source so can be ported to ANY operating system that has a compiler/build system built for it, your choice of poison.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 1017

"Translation: I'm ignoring the idiocy of Trump's statement, and inventing a rationale that allows me to not feel like a contemptible moron for supporting the man."

Have you heard of the word "rhetorical"? Or do you use Google Translate for all your professional communication needs? Non-disclosure: I'm neither a Trump fan nor a hater.

Comment Like Moore's Law (Score 1) 519

"That's why the capitalists won and will continue to win."

Capitalism then is lot like Moore's Law. It's true until proven false, i.e. until you reach the edge of the cage. The cage being the unpredictability of quantum particles for Moore's Law and the limits of mass production, when relentless competition drives it to near zero margins of profit. Just because something has been true for so long doesn't mean it will be true forever. We're seeing the unravelling of capitalism right now.

Comment Re:Companies shouldn't have political power (Score 1) 416

The promise of future employment should also be considered a form of soft corruption. When a politico "retires" from public life he promptly get hired by industry. I don't know what's worse giving them a lifetime pension so they don't have to work or allowing the conflict of interest likely to arise when they're hired by a private company. This could be a case for the Socratic ideal of letting only old men become leaders. They serve in office until the day they die.

Comment But for how long? (Score 2) 285

Rent seeking is not what you think it is. But I get your point. Such a "rental" model isn't going to last long when we're in the final days of the unholy Roman empire. In the jobless future, the only business that'll matter is show business. Yes, games and porn, the better to keep the masses from revolting.

So here's my advice to Nadella, Sell off Office and your other enterprise software businesses soon be made obsolete by Big Data AI. Focus on the Xbox, VR, etc. Your main costumer is going to be the government, the .001 percent, who will do everything in their power to remain in power. An entertained population fed with the minimum necessary to keep their stomachs growling will the prime objective.

Comment True (Score 5, Interesting) 499

So who were the jokers who modded this funny? It's actually quite insightful. An extreme example of how women talk and speak like women (and men talk like men) can be found in cultures where there's a fairly great segregation between the sexes, even if the country has liberal/open attitudes toward sexuality (not Al Qaeda-prudish, etc). In Japan, for example, there are clear gender markers in speech, so that an American man talking with feminine speech patterns is clearly marked out as a Japanese woman's boyfriend (i.e. he learned Japanese mostly from his conversations with the woman).

Who knows, maybe men talk more to the point than women, even to the point of offending the other party, something that might be bad in the real, "social" world (where tact is an advantage), but good within the time-constrained frame of an interview. I wonder, how women would rank if the interview took place in stages. Would this male advantage still hold?

Comment Re:Facebook as a Dictatorship? (Score 1) 202

So I'm not a dictator if I do only one or two things on your list?

Seriously, dictators come in all sizes and shapes. Not all of them with a funny-looking moustache and a military suit. Zuckerberg may well be a smiling dictator who'll manifest his "dictatorial" tendencies only when his hold on power or influence is threaened.

Comment What about Wikimedia? (Score 0) 178

I thought Wikipedia and its sister Wikis, which together make up the Wikimedia project, are the largest software project on the planet, based on any number of metrics from number of contributors, code base (yes, Virginia, HTML, wiki markup and natural languages such as English, German, Russian, etc. are and should be considered as code), cultural impact, and geographical dispersal. For better or for worse, politicians and plagiarists alike use Wikipedia.

Comment Re:It was tried before. Did not work. (Score 1) 866

"The universal income has been tried before in Soviet Socialism.

It has been above and beyond universal income. In a socialist system most of the people had a place to live, a job, education was free, healthcare was free, one or two years maternity and the pay was more or less the same for all professions. Socialism failed miserably and It will keep failing every single time."

Soviet socialism failed because of things other than free access to basic human needs and services. Ever heard of the word totalitarianism? Dictatorship of the proletariat? None of the (saner) advocates of UBI propose trading our FB/Twitter trolling/ranting rights for a monthly underage pension. UBI with the excess baggage of Soviet-style lifestyle control (can't choose where you want to live, travel, whoreship, etc) won't fly. Now show me an example of UBI implemented by a country as democratic, even if superficially, as Switzerland, the US or Canada, and then we can have a meaningful discussion.

Comment The problem is not who but where (Score 1) 174

Yes, everybody knew after 9/11 (or maybe even before) who the perpetrators were. The question was where. During the Cold War, it was easy enough to locate the targets of retaliation. Just stick a pin in your red-colored globe. Now, what would we do? Bomb every country in the Middle East except Israel and Turkey? Bomb maybe even India because they have a large Muslim population there? North Korea is probably an exception to the confusion. At least we know where to send the postcard.

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