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Comment Re:U.S. profits too??? (Score 3, Informative) 174

Of course Apple transfers profits. They do this by one company division charging another division a fictional/unrealistic licensing fee, causing the worldwide retail branches to see higher costs and be less profitable, whilst the Irish licensing branch becomes more profitable.

The fact that the Irish branch barely employs any people and is largely just a convenient IP holder makes this even more blatant.


Comment Re:Vaccines anyone (Score 1) 309

You are completely and utterly wrong.

Vaccines use an dead or weakened version of the virus so that your immune system can generate a response in relative safety. The doses are small but significant. Other components in the dose such as preservative are also non-zero but below harmful levels.

Homeopathy uses such incredibly dilute solutions that there is statistically zero molecules of the active component in any tablet, or even a truckload of tablets. They claim that the water contains a "memory" of the substance, but there is no known physical phenomenon or scientific basis for this claim.

So, immune system having a memory to actual virus particles = real.
Water having a memory to practically zero particles = woofuckery.

Comment Re:Scientists and doctors.. (Score 1) 296

And not based on their own personal choice?

No, because most people are grossly uninformed, and unable to grasp statistical risks. If their actions only affected themselves it would be fine, but an unvaccinated population endangers others.

Seriously, why do we have such an issue following the advice of peer reviewed experts these days?

Comment Re:saturation (Score 2) 30

In Australia it's because of two main issues:

1) Electricity providers charge both flat rate access fees, and per kWH usage, but the access fees don't truly cover the cost of the network. When usage goes down they are left short.

2) Many electricity providers took advantage of a government scheme to build excess capacity in to the network, and charge users for it. In some cases whole substations were built and sat around unused. Now that people are using less or going off grid, they are left with expensive underutilised capital.

The funny thing is, the more they try to claw back and/or raise fees, the easier it is to economically justify going off grid. They are shooting themselves in the foot.

Comment Re:so is there a good theory? (Score 1) 470

What's rarely mentioned in the media summaries is that when the EmDrive moves, the field in the microwave cavity gets consumed and you have to spend energy to replenish it. This makes it ideal for station keeping (or hover cars) where you just need to provide a balancing force.

Anyway, there is no free lunch here and energy is still being conserved. It's only momentum that is in question.

Comment Re:Texture? (Score 3, Interesting) 328

The main textural components in chocolate come from the cocoa mass and cocoa butter.

Creaminess comes from particle size, and the cocoa mass (and sugar) spends hours and hours in conching mills to get it around 20-30 micron. The mixed chocolate then spends a long time in tempering circuits to promote the right crystal size in cocoa butter fatty acids.

Comment Re:So, how often does it explode? (Score 1) 230

Super/Ultra capacitors are not so simple, and share things in common with batteries.

Their total capacitance comes though a combination of
1) Double layer Capacitance - separation of charge in a Helmholtz double layer between the plate surface and the liquid electrolyte, and
2) Pseudocapacitance - electrochemical storage by redox reactions at the electrode surface. This is very battery like.

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