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Comment Re:When did "The Matrix" become a religion? (Score 1) 1042

I would risk saying, that tackles the problem of living inside a simulation a lot better than Matrix (both came out in same year). Which in turn is based on from 1964. Yes, Gnosticism and Descartes were certainly first, but Putnam seems to be recycling ideas which were already heavily explored in s-f for long time. I expect Matrix creators had a lot better inspirations than Putnam.

Comment Re:Java is not C-based (Score 1) 401

The only thing that is relatively C-like in Java is the syntax

...and if you take that as the definition of "C-based" then every language mentioned in TFS is "C-based" apart from Python.

R is even further away than Python. I would still consider Python being close in mindset to C. Compare mental gymnastics required for C/Java programmer to switch to Python, versus moving to Lisp, Haskell or Prolog.

While we can discuss how far Python is exactly from others in that family, Java is really, really similar to C++. Especially old java to old C++. Real difference starts when you start going into non-trivial template programming in C++ (visible in boost in some places), but your 'normal Joe' run-of-the-mill code is really same thing. Biggest difference in everyday use (memory management) is NOT what differentiates family of languages.

Comment Re:Self-selection sampling bias (Score 1) 112

This would be true if you would, for some unkown reason, try to compare smartness of general population, to answer a question "if I take random person from US (versus China or Poland), how good programmer he could make after training?". But who cares about that? What most people will be probably a lot more interested in is "If I take random PROGRAMMER from US (versus China or Poland), what are the chances they are good?"

So no, this doesn't mean that people in US are on average less 'smart' (assuming 'smart' is what you need to be a good hacker) than any of top hacker countries. But it does mean that a lot of people who are NOT 'smart' are taking programming in US and you will have to weed through 10x more candidates to find somebody useful there.

And, to be honest, I think that India is a lot more interesting result than US. People are not outsourcing programming to US...

Comment Re:That could have been some astronaut's head (Score 2) 225
"Testing for NASA's helmets included dropping an 8 lb steel ball from 6 feet."

As for the micrometeoroid - let's assume it is 1g, travelling at 40000 km/h. This is 11111m/s. This means around 61kJ
For comparison, 5.56 bullet is around 4g and travels below 1000m/s. We are talking about less than 2kJ
Steel ball will reach around 4.5m/s at point of impact, which gives 36J (not kJ)

Fracture process is complicated and depends on many factors, but from what I understand it depends more on kinetic energy (as given above) as opposed to momentum (where steel ball still loses to micrometeoroid, but wins with bullet).

From above, micrometeoroid seems to be many time more dangerous than point blank shot from m4 rifle. I would obliterate the helmet from what I can understand. It wouldn't neccesarily go much futher (like 10 astronauts in row) due to destruction of meteroid itself.

What is bit surprising is that 11.1km/s is considerably larger than escape velocity in near Earth orbit (7.something km/s). This would suggest it was of external origin, rather than part of orbiting debris?

Comment Re:Major features are complementary (Score 3, Insightful) 427

Yes, it looks like garbage, this is why some people are switching to java dialects (still fully compatible with all libraries and java APIs both directions, but considerably shorter). My favorite, xtend, would have

def getLastFour(Optional employee) {
    employee.flatMap(primaryAddress) .flatMap(zipCode) .flatMap(lastFour) .orElseThrow[new FMLException("Missing data")];

or, without Optionals and exceptions, old school, embrace nulls

def getLastFour(Employee employee) {

You can get similarly short code in groovy, scala, koitlin and whatever else. Java strength lies in ecosystem (frameworks, interoperability, portability etc), not because of language syntax.

Said that, there is a lot of overdesign and monstrosities in popular frameworks as well, but there you have a choice of using something more lightweight.

Comment Re:Maybe he writes from an Amarican POV (Score 1) 203

There are similar reasons for such restrictions in Europe. Point here was that US is not that different from Europe in regards to building rights, not that we should be able to build anything anywhere.

In my area, there is a limit of height of buildings, because it is on landing path for local airport. One of buildings there is 5 meters too high and they got order from local county that they need to dismantle two top floors (and it is multi family, condo building). People are already living there, paid for apartments, original building developer went bankrupt because of other investments. No idea what is going to happen there, who will pay for it, where these people will live, how this is going to happen technically (dismantling two top floor while there are number of occupied floors below is certainly not safe). All that because somebody was not 'oppresive' enough to control the building while it was being created (original plans called for few less floors AFAIK).

Comment Re:Congrats, you've rediscovered Marx poorly (Score 1) 519

This is actually working other way. More people you kill, more they breed (unless of course you go to extremes like total nuclear war). China in middle of XX century, Africa now - horrible times, huge population growth. Europe few years ago - safety, stability, freedom, lowest birthrate in history (would be even lower if not for immigration).

Comment Re:Smells like BS (Score 0) 87

Hello Mr Putin's Troll.

Regarding not having to steal electronics, just ask yourself:
- what percentage of Russians have PCs which have electronic components designed outside of Russia
- what percentage of people outside of Russia have PCs which have electronic components designed in Russia

What RUSVIDIAMD will beat NVIDIA and AMD in game bencharks, we can speak again.

Won't comment on winning space race - we all know what was the cost for the few victories they had.

Comment Re:Justice? (Score 1) 302

Actually, after doublechecking, it is more complicated - it differs from country to country. In US, you are right. In Poland (where the extradiction was being considered), it is not a 'rape', it is ''sexual intercourse with minor', which has separate penalties from rape and one does not imply the other. For people who might be interested (I hope nobody _really_ does), here are the penalties:
- for sexual intercourse with minor: 2-12 years in prison
- for sexual intercourse with close relative: 3months-5years in prison
- for rape: 2-12 years in prison
- for rape on minor or relative: not less than 3 years in prison
- for brutal rape: not less than 5 years in prison
In Poland they are not being summed together, you take worst one and as you can see, certain laws just increase the minimum, but do not define the penalty itself, as it is defined elsewhere.

Comment Re: Justice? (Score 1) 302

Nobody says it was not a crime. I was trying to say that:
- it is lot more complex situation than just crying 'child rapist' and putting him in same box as all similar criminals
- that mother whoring her underage daughter in hope of blackmailing and earning millions should got some flak as well, but she is not, as she is not from 'bad Hollywood establishment'

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