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Comment Re:LOL, "Courage"? More like GREED... (Score 2) 761

how is it greed? The wired headphones are still included in the box. They include the adapter for normal headphones that you already own or wish to purchase in the future. They sell the adapter, should you lose it or want more than one, for $9.

The earpods are basically just fancy bluetooth headphones. Which you can also still connect to the phone.

Comment Re:Take action (Score 1) 259

Don't worry. Microsoft made this much easier by taking away the ability to pick and choose the updates you can install. Not only are updates now mandatory and WILL be installed, all updates to Windows are now rolled up together as one cumulative update. So while you can disable network access and other router tricks to stop windows update from installing updates, updates are STILL an all-or-nothing approach as starting as of this most recent rounds of updates, all updates are issued as roll ups that include all updates from the most recent round of updates and ALL previous updates that were issued.

Now if one of their minor updates is breaking the connection to your kindle, your only choice is to remove ALL updates that were installed the last time and not install any new updates until Microsoft fixes their shit.

Comment Re:No one would want a common format ? (Score 1) 76

Most people won't ever want to move the SD card from their phone to the computer...but...Easy, just grab any open source windows EXT3 disk mounting utility for windows, reskin it, package it up in your own installer, include a GPL license with it and put it up on the "downloads" section of the support site. Then include an insert with the phone directing them to the web address on your website on where to download it.

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