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Comment Re:Climate change skeptic (Score 2) 333

"2. We have seen vastly higher CO2 levels in planetary history and right now we are seeing what is actually all time lows. We should expect CO2 increases and, in fact, hope for them as going much below 300 ppm would see the beginning of a massive plant die off - there's a reason commercial greenhouses pump CO2 into their facilities."

We have seen vastly higher?

When? Some time before 400,000 years ago?

Comment Re:Reverse brain drain (Score 1) 805

We want the best and brightest to work as frightened wage slaves who won't dare ask for more money or argue with the boss. Having these people in companies that compete against their businesses is obviously a problem for them, it's sort of implying that immigrants should be relegated to the lower classes of any "civic society", possibly the middle class at best.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 657

As ridiculous as it is, I don't think anyone really cares. People have largely made their decisions long ago and there's little opinion to sway. There was a study pretty much demonstrating this just recently.

However, I'm just a Canadian eating my popcorn, watching the shit show ensue.

Comment Re:Two groups already debunked the myth (Score 1) 248

> powering from the outside with the magnetic field of earth

nah quite certain it's just the presence of the electric field from the magnetron source screwing up all their readings. Once you start messing around with >100W magnetron sources the presence of electric fields will show a voltage reading on just about any voltmeter or any sort of voltage measurement device. You need to spend considerable effort to shield all these potential false signal sources.

If you want a simple example, by pass the interlock on a microwave oven and turn it on while you have someone observe a multimeter set to DC volts from across the room. Quite certain they'll get a non-zero reading, even with no electrical leads connected. Just imagine trying to do this while splitting hairs over milli or micro newtons of thrust with an asymmetric microwave oven.

Years ago while working on my bachelor's degree I was messing around with wireless power transmission experiments with a bunch of employed engineers who had not a fucking clue what they were doing. We wasted countless hours taking measurements of supposed RF-to-DC conversion while all we were observing was the electric field strength increasing around us. It took me on my own reverting to the basics of the entire subject and repeating experiment work from William C. Brown's papers to demonstrate to them how to make it actually work right. The whole experience was extremely frustrating while immensely eye opening - a lot of additional letters after a person's name means almost nothing to me now.

Trying to do real science with a bunch of cargo cult true believers is a fool's errand.

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