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Comment Re:"... distances of ~20,000kms1 or more" ??? (Score 1) 149

I've got the point, mates. Thanks.
The problem is still the same: don't change the name of the things and don't assign new and different meanings to names!
If it's a speed, then it can be m*s-1, if it's a distance, then it's m.
If you need a different concept, then use its name and its definition.
A distance is a distance is a distance is a distance!

Comment Wireless headphones are idiotic (Score 1) 79

While being meant to be fancy.
Wired headphones can be a very little uncomfortable. But they have superior audio quality, they don't need recharging, they are cheap.
Wireless earbuddies are a nightmare are you can loose them while in use, audio quality can depend upon distance and em noise, aren't cheap at all.

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