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Comment Re:Canonical does have a compatible/certified list (Score 1) 352

AFAIK, what's on that list was (and still is) fully tested. If you check the page for the E6410, you see that the machine was tested with 10.04.4 64bit provided by Dell which means probably was tweaked for this machine and stock Ubuntu 11.10. Below on the page you will see also the details of the hardware (it says the model tested used nvidia graphics).
Full disclaimer: I do work for Canonical but not for the testing team. What I can say for what I see and hear is they do test machines according to what is described on this list.

Comment Re:What about if works for unknown (yet) reasons? (Score 1) 526

I don't think my two issues just happen to cure themselves as those were the only two times in my life that I've taken homeopathy. It is indeed possible but highly unlikely.
At least in Brazil, homeopathy is treated as any other medical pratice and all the solutions have to be prescribed by a doctor. No doctor will prescribe homepathy for a problem that can be more easly cured by regular medicine or requires a quick intervention like an infection for instance.

Comment What about if works for unknown (yet) reasons? (Score 0) 526

Let me start saying this: I was cured in two different conditions (a chronic recurrent throat infection at age 9 and allergy at age 32). First time I was just a kid who had to take pills every couple hours and some drops every other day. Second time I was an adult who grew tired of trying several diffent alergy treatments that worked for sometime and them I had to start over again. Let's say it was all placebo effect - I don't disagree, it may be - but when I was 9 I didn't know squat about homeopathy it was just another kind of medicine. Placebo by proxy you may say. Perhaps. But then, why nobody talks about placebo effect releated to conventional medicine? When I developed the alergy problem every new treatment gave me some relief and I did believe I've found the cure so why the placebo effect didn't work? When I started to take homeopathy for my allergy, I couldn't care less, I tried because I've already tried everything and it was covered by my health insurance so why not?
I'm not claiming this is the case but why it's so hard for people dissing homeopathy that it may actually work for reasons yet unkonwn to science?
All I can say, it worked for me twice, for two different problems and in two different points of my life. It's cheap, and if it's just water, won't hurt so why not try? Even if it works by placebo effect, it works so no harm done.

Comment Re:Innovation is... (Score 2) 449

Remember - Canonical was one of Shuttleworths' venture capital schemes. He thought that he could launch a new linux distro, market the heck out of it, and get his 30x payday.

There's nothing to remember because it's just not true. If Canonical were a VC scheme, he would have fled a long time ago and not continuing to support and expand the company.

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