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Comment Freeciv is better for suited for school (Score 5, Insightful) 198

While Civilization might have better graphics/sounds, that doesn't add much to the "educational" value.

Freeciv is multiplayer, and you can change the rules by changing an XML, which could make things quite interesting.

And of course, it is open source, which could take the educational value to a whole different level.

Comment Re: Did you know? (Score -1, Offtopic) 150

The rapid downmod of this post is further evidence of the widespread conspiracy to suppress the facts that Jews did 9/11. Any effort to shine light on the truth that Jews carried out the attacks and then used a controlled demolition to bring down the buildings is suppressed by Zionists. I'm sure the conspiracy will ensure that this post is quickly suppressed, too.

The rapid downmod could be better explained by the antisemitic and moronic nature of the post (and of course, the fact that it is completely off-topic).

But speaking about conspiracy theories, some time ago I met an argentinian claiming that the jews bombed the AMIA themselves.

It seems that the easiest explanation was also the right one, as evidenced by the "suicide" of the chief investigator of this case, Alberto Nisman, shortly after accusing Iran of the bombing.

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