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Comment Re:The most most seriously needed LEO database (Score 1) 185

Do we condone the true bad actors? No, we put them in jail with the rest of the criminals

Usually we send them on vacation (aka "suspended with pay") then close the cases against them "for lack of public interest".

I understand your need to spew ad hominem attacks, trying to denigrate others is always easier than dealing with your own inadequacy. Please continue, you are highly entertaining.

The next time you hear a window in your house shatter at 2am, try calling the fire department and let me know how that works out for you.

Or you could ask Carolyn Warren, Joan Taliaferro and Miriam Douglas how calling 911 has worked out for them.

Comment Re:The most most seriously needed LEO database (Score 5, Insightful) 185

While it is true that there are a few officers that deserve jail time (and the do get it most of the time) 99.99% of the LEOs our there are the good guys.

No, they are not.

Because if they were, they would be fighting nail and tooth to get the 0.01% off the force and behind bars, where they belong.

As things are, there are three kinds of cops:
1. Dirty
2. Complicit
3. On the way out

If you are looking for a group to fawn over, I suggest that volunteer firefighters are much more worthy of your respect.

Comment Re:Legal (Score 1) 211

All puns aside, I think the SCOTUS and U.S. Congress have shown a shocking degree of unwillingness in protecting the public.

FTFY. The willingness of the SCOTUS to endorse arbitration clauses is another example.

All puns aside, I think the the public have shown a shocking degree of unwillingness in funding the politicians.

Comment Re:ROOT!? (Score 1) 57

I admit that I am an Android noob, but when I searched about rooting my Nexus 5, I got the impression that doing so will factory reset my device, and I will lose some of my data unless I backed it up first. Except that the even the best backup apps would not back up everything, unless the phone is already rooted...

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