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Comment So.......We hack their elections? (Score 1) 396

I'm being serious, I'm not sure what a proportional response would be. Attacking any their infrastructures would seem heavy handed, if not a invitation to war. Such as using something like stuxnet. At the same time, attacking their financial institutions would just invite a similar response.

Comment Re:At least its an option. (Score 0) 64

I like the idea that if, in a most insanely dire emergency, where you can't get a real doctor, this might be available.

No this doesn't make sense. You don't just do a kidney transplant this isn't like removing a mole. There is a ton of followup and anti-rejection medication and labs that need to be run in the immediate postop and perioperative period. Doing a kidney transplant in the "bush" isn't realistic, so you don't need youtube to teach you how to do this if you are able to do this from a support standpoint the surgical staff are already going to know how to do the surgery.

I agree it would be a Bad Idea if you had NO formal medical training. But lets assume the worst case scenario here, you are in a area that is hundreds of miles away from the nearest hospital. You have a compatible kidney match, but the doctor on hand has been killed. If given the choice beteewn trying to flip between medical texts and seeing a guide, I'd ALWAYS chose the guide.

Comment Re:No (Score 3, Informative) 186

Is it too much to ask to just buy some damn hardware? I expect there to be a driver, but that's it. I don't need some stupid always-on crap for the GPU, or a network connection, or online services. I'll buy my own games and apps thanks, just make the damn thing work and take your "value added" crap home.

You could possibly looking to purchasing a Razer OSVR, I have not looked into their terms of service. But it seems more likely to serve your needs.

Comment I hope they consulted a lawyer first. (Score 2) 88

I mean, I can understand wanting to come in from the cold and all. But this seems ill thought out, all and all. From what little I know about Romania, it doesn't seem like a good idea to turn yourself over to the authorities with the corruption scandals going on. They would be more likely to give you a harsher sentence to prove that their precinct is "clean". But, like I said, I'm not very well versed in the country or its laws.

Comment There is agressive and then there is this. (Score 1) 370

I mean, it seems like the equivalent of a door to door to door vacuum sales man knocking on your door. You answer you are aren't interested. Then they start hammering on your door, you are annoyed, but you ignore them. Then they are like, screw it. Sledgehammer your door open, start shouting about how awesome their product is as they start knocking things over with their unwanted vacuum. You try telling them that it REALLY isn't something that you want and they respond, I can't hear you over how awesome this vacuum is.

Comment Personally, I'd go for bio-engineering. (Score 1) 129

It might not be possible, but I'd go for using the sea creatures themselves. A interesting project would be to develop coral that accumulates heavy metals from the water. And then harvest the corals and "replant" them. It would be useful on two different sides. One would be removing toxic materials that might be accumulating because of illegal dumping. And the other is it would be more sustainable while providing jobs for people.

Comment This should be interesting. (Score 4, Interesting) 114

What happens if, by accident or malicious intent, the storage medium you are using is destroyed? Or ironically enough, if you are attacked with malware that encrypts your drive. How do you explain that you can't decrypt the drive to so they can decrypt your messages? Or that the cloud solution provider you were using is down for a undetermined amount of time?

Comment Interesting double edge sword there. (Score 4, Insightful) 337

I can understand why they might have refused to take the risk. But it hardly seems like a smart idea to allow a country we value to be destabilized over one man. What affects the one, affects us all. If Germany became destabilized due to our childish antics, it wouldn't end well. Best case scenario, the euro zone would collapse. Worst case, nuclear power plants would be pilfered.

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 178

Wallet was hidden in a Mindcraft structure.

This would actually be quite fasinating. Something like that would imply a virtual structure acting as a stenographic hiding place. Which leads to some interesting ideas. I know the whole, "They don't need your computer, they just need a wrench" idea applies here. But just imagine, a hostile entity (FBI, Robbers, ex-wife) are attempting to take your bitcoins. So, to make a plausible case that you don't have access to it, you generate a minecraft world. Then make various structures based on the bitcoin string and then destroy the wallet. If anyone decides to look at your world, you can make the claim you were attempting art. Which would be hard to dispute, since art is subjective.

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