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Comment Please Namespace the Internet (Score 2) 146

Stop domain grabbing and forbid to use domains, which do not match the purpose.

a .com domain should be commercial, some american site should use .us. Use other country codes for offers in the country (i.e. for german BMW site, for the american one linking to for some online shop with car parts), restrict .info to non-affiliated information sites, etc.

With such a rule, people could finally get free TLDs again. Try to get a four letter domain. Everything already registered, mostly redirecting to the main domain. Let some organization with initials bmw have! some person with initials BMW gets and is reserved for a mail provider.

TLDs have failed. People just use country codes or .com and redirect others. Only exceptions are people using cool domain hacks (think of or nice domains in the new namespaces like But that are mostly nerds, anyway.

Comment Re:Who wants a site, which fucks with its users? (Score 1) 313

They try to be a new facebook, as investors do not understand what makes twitter a great tool. And on the other hand, the twitter idea may be hard to monetize anyway. So a small fee may be the better idea.

I like the concept of gnusocial, which is more or less a twitter clone without the crap and a api which isn't limited. It just doesn't have the users ...
And i am not sure if the federation scales, but that's the same for diaspora ans similiar networks. OTOH it will concentrate on big hubs anyway.

Comment Re:What happens, when a gag order is violated? (Score 1) 61

Maybe i underestimate this ...

I would have thought they come and want me to get them data. No way i let them install something in the server room without internal procedures, which ensure security and so on, that my admins know what happens and why, if they cannot do something with it they need at least to know that someones IS changing things.
Then i would of course want to talk with other management staff, even when i do not tell them what exactly is happening.

What you write sounds more like james bond operation, where the secret agents come in and walk with suction cups into the server room to avoid any traces a admin can find afterwards, while threatening me with a machine gun, so i won't have the idea to object to anything.

The moral side of the story is another one. If you trust your government, there isn't so much to object giving out the data, as far as its limited enough to one person and i.e. without contact lists which may contain innocent persons. Of course you may have a strong stance against it, but i at least understand why some people do not have it. But i doubt, that they only target terrorists. If they knew it was an terrorist, they would target him and not his data. Good old police work instead of demanding data. Leading to persons instead of surveilance.

Comment Who wants a site, which fucks with its users? (Score 2) 313

More and more unfeatures, but not listening to its users anymore.

The app has way too much ads (open a tweet and you see always a big ad below the replies), the web interface is slow inefficient and buggy.
Users demand since years an "edit last tweet" function, but they always get something else they did not ask for and do not want
- Videos have now autoplay!
- You can retweet yourself!
- We change the length of tweets, fuck you users of the old app
- Moments

Further they have strange ideas about blocking. Following is asymmetric. Cool. I do not need to read you, but you can still read me. Thats better for a site like Twitter than mutal friendships. But blocking is symmetric? I block you (my good right), but suddenly you cannot read me either? That's strange.

I would like them to remove all shit and let the users pay 2 eur per month. That's fair. But then remove all ads and move the tracking links back to nontracking ones.

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