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Comment Re:Fake science/sloppy science (Score 1) 260

Okay, lets say you have two independent papers which both come to the same conclusion. If they both independently have a 60% chance of being wrong, they only have a 36% chance of both being wrong. If you take 10 independent papers with 9 of them agreeing, it is far more likely that the 1 outlier is wrong than the 9 other papers, regardless of the reproducibility failure rate of each individual paper.

I think using a probabilistic model presents its own issues though. Take your example, but ask what if they both made the exact same major error (perhaps it was even a really easy one to make or due to some unknown factor that no one could have seen) then they're both 100% wrong in fact. Science is really hard, because there's a natural human tendency to ask, "What do I need to do in order to prove this correct?" when we should really be asking "Have I done every conceivable thing possible in order to try to disprove any possible other alternative explanations and account for factors that might also lead to a result?"

Your single outlier could be the one paper that has discovered and accounted for the previously unknown factor or discovered some other problem with previous research. You can't just conclude that since in the majority of cases this is unlikely therefore we can dismiss the outlier. You still have to look at it, have a discussion about it, and see whether or not it's worth considering or if it means the other 9 studies need to be rerun to account for new information.

Comment Re:Drop iTunes requirement (Score 1) 102

I've got an iPad and haven't used iTunes for anything in a long time and I don't think I've even hooked it up to a PC at all since I got the Air 2 several years ago. I suppose they have the "iTunes" app on the device itself, but you don't need to sync it with a Mac/PC at all. However, the only thing you can access when plugging it in like a USB device would be the photos as it doesn't expose the file system. There are some applications that you can put on your computer that will do that if you really want.

I think that most people who really want or need that functionality are using Android or a Windows tablet already though. They really should fix the unholy abomination that has become iTunes though. It was pretty decent back in the day, but bloat and feature creep made it an unwieldy mess. I kind of understand why they don't want to make anything better in order to product their digital media sales business, but there are a phone apps for all of that now so there's little point in having iTunes be anything more than just music management software at this point.

Comment Re:Other way? (Score 3, Insightful) 225

You don't have to be crazy to own a cat. It does help though.

Also, you don't really own a cat. They largely tolerate your presence and decide to stick around.

If you must really keep a cat, get two. They're mostly layabout, but if they get bored they'll wreck your shit and not feel slightly remorseful about it. Another cat will give them something to do when you're not around instead of causing random mayhem in your domicile.

Comment Re:Modern money theory (Score 2) 387

It doesn't make sense though. Imagine everyone was suddenly out of the job and replaced by a robot. What this means is that there's still the same (or maybe better) production of existing goods and services and suddenly a lot of newly available human labor. Assuming some small number of people don't own all this robot labor or there's a functional market, prices have to immediately collapse or there's no real sense in having all of these robots make things that no one can afford to buy.

In the real world the economy probably couldn't transition that quickly in a clean manner, but we don't see that much turn over in such a short amount of time either. Maybe the advancement curve means the rate of turnover is increasing, but it still results in more wealth per capita than any other time in human history. Today we think it's bad that our veterans have such poor medical care, but if you look back at history most had none at all. Society still can't afford to give them the care that they need, but with robots that care can become so much less expensive that what they can get will become better.

Our struggles and difficulties are only interesting or important because they are our own. In a few centuries they'll probably be little more than a footnote, perhaps a good time before a bad spell before an even greater time, or the opposite. More people are having better lives now than any time before in large part because of technological advancement.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 102

If the McDonald's CEO ever tried to eat at McDonald's he'd realize in a hurry it's because the machine is a pain to clean so the workers they can hire for minimum wage just say its broken because they have no real incentive to give two fucks if someone buys a shake or not and don't want to deal with the added hassle of cleaning the machine again.

Comment Re:So what (Score 2) 123

Not to go all Logan's Run on everyone, but say your goal for humanity was to get out into the rest of the galaxy as soon as possible in order to prevent the species from going extinct, it's going to mean not spending resources on people who detract from that goal more than they contribute to it. The world has finite resources and they're probably better spent on making the future generations better than keeping the previous generations alive a little longer. Perhaps its unpleasant to think about, but denying it doesn't change reality.

Comment Re:They fucked up their own shit? (Score 4, Interesting) 59

The bureaucracy in India is so incompetent that it's borderline malicious. I had a colleague that had been in the U.S. for a long time but was going to move back to India to help with the care of his aging parents who were having some medical problems, but was delayed and prevented from returning for an extended periods because his own government didn't believe he was who he claimed to be because apparently someone had stolen his identity and had been voting in years worth of elections while he was in the U.S.

Beautiful country and nice people, but I think they spend so much of their time being conquered and ruled by other groups that the local populace never developed an ability for efficient governing.

Comment Re:Outrage! (Score 1) 110

Seems pretty unlikely as cops generally don't hang around bathrooms unless they're using one in which case they've probably turned the camera off. It's way more likely that they'd get a call from someone complaining about a male being in the woman's bathroom, but even that is exceptionally rare. Most transgender people aren't jackasses and will use the bathroom where it looks like they fit in. If someone passes for female, most people won't know or care if that person is in the woman's bathroom.

This whole bathroom nonsense is just people looking for an opportunity to be moral busybodies. I'd be far more worried about people shooting heroin in public bathrooms and leaving needles where someone could get stuck than someone who doesn't pass using the wrong bathroom.

Comment Re:Give us dumb pipes! (Score 3, Insightful) 172

No, they understand it perfectly. Why have a highly competitive market where each carrier rushes to sell consumers low-cost access to the information super highway when they can trap people on their own private dirt road with toll booths every 200 feet? At least with the cellular carriers its possible to have some choice in provider whereas with cable companies have a government protected monopoly in most locations leaving almost no alternative.

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