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Comment Depends (Score 1) 136

Are we talking just friendly requests or court orders that went through the full legal process? If it's just a request the response should be "Screw off, go get a warrant." I'm of the opinion that anyone that stores data for you in a professional capacity is acting as an agent on your behalf and should enjoy the same legal protections that you yourself would have if you had the data yourself.

Comment Smoke Screen (Score 1) 137

The thing is we can already infringe the hell out of their copyrights the way things are right now. There is no shortage of websites available to stream or download anything we want for free. The only thing the FCC ruling would change is make things better for legitimate consumers and cut the cable companies out of their precious set-top box rental fees.

Comment Re:He is lucky he did not get shot on the spot (Score 1) 235

Believe it or not roads aren't the only way to travel from one state to the next. I've been camping near a state border before and there was no indication of where one state ended and the other one began. Hunting/Camping trips are a very good example of situation where someone might have a firearm and end up unknowingly cross a state line. Sure you should try to be aware of your surroundings but when the only thing around you for miles are nondescript trees and rocks shit happens.

Submission + - Third Party Apple Product Repair Under Attack

alzoron writes: After the failure of New York's Fair Repair Act independent third party unauthorized Apple repair shops seem to be under attack. Louis Rossmann, owner of Rossman Repair Group, INC has uploaded a somewhat vague video alluding to his Youtube site, where he posts videos about repairing out of warranty repairs, possibly being shut down. Several sources (Reddit, Mac Kung Fu, 9 to 5 Mac) have been speculating about this and whether or not Apple is behind this.

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