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Comment Re:I even have a name for it... (Score 1) 365

The car not taking any decision would by default result in the death of the pedestrian.
That is not a fantasy, that is reality.
The car would have to actively swerve into a concrete wall or oncoming traffic in order to kill the occupant in order to save a pedestrian.
Why would you ever want a car to do that?
That's far more active than just hitting the brakes and hoping the person in the road doesn't die.

Comment Re:Logical (Score 2) 365

Read the GPs post.
That will be what's going to be investigated.
Did you manually drive onto the wrong side of the road and then enable the AI just to see what would happen, resulting in the car running over some pedestrian in an attempt to get off the road?
Most likely you will be liable.
Did the AI fuck up and take a wrong turn? Probably Mercedes is at fault.
The AI will never be held accountable, since it's just a program written by people.
There is not going to be a single answer for who is at fault for every situation.
Each one will be handled individually just like we do now with car accidents.

Comment Re:Stick a fork in.... (Score 1) 612

I agree with the AC. By voting for someone you hate only a little bit less than the opposition you send a message that their policy isn't important and they just have to be slightly less bad than the opposition.
If people actually voted for a third party it would do a lot to keep the two big candidates from going this much off the rails.

Comment Re:Wrong way to go about it (Score 1) 117

I think a popup is the way to go.
If you need some indicator to show other people, put it in the settings menu.
A tiny thing like the battery changing green could mean that the battery is fully charged or something.
Red could be interpreted as it needs charging.
This is probably why google doesn't want companies messing with the battery indicator.

Comment Re:CS should _not_ be taught to teenagers (Score 1) 241

> If you are taught programming, you learn how to program, but you also learn how to think logically, deal with complexity, and systematically solve problems.

I seriously doubt this, unless you are taught in a very specific way.
If you were taught baking in the same way it would have the same effect.
Most CS teaching I see is basic "here's how to use these language features" kind of stuff, which doesn't teach you anything useful at al.

Comment How is this surprising? (Score 1) 153

I downloaded the "apps" (god I hate that term) I needed when I first got the phone.
Why would I need to constantly install new ones?
I don't constantly install new programs on my PC either.
How many messaging apps does a person need?
I'm more surprised that half of smart phone users apparently find a new app to install at least once a month.

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