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Comment Re:Consumer Reports... (Score 1) 212

True, but it's still more bad press for Apple. If I was in the market for a new laptop (I might have been if there was a 32GB option, now it's time for me to look at a Linux-based laptop), then it would make me think twice. It's not like any consumer actually needs to actively read Consumer Reports, any potential consumer will hear this news from Reddit, Slashdot, Wired, et al.

Comment Re:Good news (Score 1) 33

Ah nice, I haven't bothered to try and use it for a while now as it always used to be the same old "content is not available in your country", that plus the easy availability of private torrents. I'm most interested in the radio drama, so will take a look and see what they're making available. Thanks for the info!

Comment Unique users of Chrome (Score 1) 48

I wonder how many unique users of Chrome though? Google can likely have a fairy good idea of that by the nagging you get to log into it when installing it.

I'm personally responsible for about 16 instances of Chrome across various devices, virtual machines, etc. in my house. Others may not have quite so many instances, but I'd guess that most users have at least two instances of it (computer, phone).

Comment Re:Bad Reason (Score 2) 319

For me, VMs. I typically run at least two CentOS VMs, or a Window 2012 Server + CentOS. Currently I've got those as bare bones as possible on my 2014 16GB MBP - easy with a CentOS, not so much with the Windows Server (regardless of whether you have the gui on/off). Each of these VMs is running very active network/disk-based processes, along with some Java-based applications, and on top of this my host system has typically at least two different IDEs going for developing against these systems. With 32GB, I could run more, or more importantly dedicate more resources to my VMs without oversubscribing them.

I realise I'm an edge-case, but I'm also not the only person with a similar requirement.

Why not actually *be* courageous Apple? Sure, release these new laptops and call them "MacBook", and keep the "Pro" label for a machine worthy of the name - jeez, make it a millimeter higher, or a centimeter wider, and use that space for the battery while packing in more resources that are actually useful to power-users.

Comment Re: I hope Apple knows (Score 1) 191

Yep, I've seen one or two 64GB laptops, but they are beasts, and I'd question the quality and reliability of the hardware.  I don't think it's unreasonable to expect 32GB as an option - certainly relatively few people will require it, maybe more *want* it....  We've had 16GB in laptops for several years now.
As mentioned in my initial post, I've got more than enough hardware capable of handling this at home, but hopping on a plane a couple of times a week leaves me really wanting a nice reliable, light-weight, powerful laptop to be able to develop my software in a similar environment.

Comment Re: I hope Apple knows (Score 1) 191

I agree; most desktop users need 8GB.  This is supposed to be a "Pro" device though... I run at least two VMs at all times on my current MBP, even though I'm heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem (two 16GB Mac Minis, two iMacs), it's not looking like my next laptop will be from Apple unless they introduce a 32GB (at least) model in the next six months, will probably opt for a custom Linux laptop capable of at least 32GB and run OS X on one of my VMs.

Comment Re:Time to sell my Apple stock... (Score 1) 361

Actually, plenty.  if, like me, you run your VMs on SSDs over the Thunderbolt ports - which is just fine for performance as the two VMs I typically run are for developing applications running against systems with a *lot* of logging and network activity.  My SSD is 512GB, but the real limitation here is that the new devices still, unfathomably, max out at 16GB.  I've been invested in Mac HW/SW for several years now, but unless Apple announce a 32GB model within the next six months to a year, then my next laptop will not be an Apple.

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