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Comment Re:You lied (Score 1) 364

These articles don't say what you're suggesting. I didn't see anything in them predicting that more hurricanes would be hitting the US specifically. They predicted stronger hurricanes (which has been happening) and more hurricanes (which has been happening), but I didn't see anywhere saying "more of this will happen in the US". Generally they just say, correctly, that warmer weather produces more storms.

Comment Re:Just what kind of fake news have you been watch (Score 1) 1069

They were not registering as political organizations. They were registering as 501(c)(4)'s, which are social welfare organizations. They are allowed to engage in political activity, but it cannot be their primary focus. Many of these organizations were created exclusively to engage in political activity. They were breaking the rules, it's not anyone's fault but theirs that they got caught.

Comment Re:It is ALL fake news (Score 1) 403

"Oversampling" is a polling method for getting a lower margin of error among one of the subgroups in a poll. For example if you're extremely interested in whether 18-30 year-olds support a policy at a 49% rate or a 51% rate, and a 3% margin of error is too much, you might oversample that age group. It does nothing to the overall results of the poll, just makes the margin of error smaller in one of the subgroups. Try to learn a few basic things about how the world works before claiming that everything is "rigged".

Comment Re:And Obama once again is a blatant liar (Score 1) 534

So you wouldn't call it racism if someone is up for a parole hearing, and they are denied because an algorithm was tuned to deny black people? The article has a reasonable point, even if it has a shitty title. Or let me guess, you're one of those "race realists" who just happens to feel that whites are superior.

Submission + - Red Hat warns of Linux 'Skeleton Key' Vulnerability (

destinyland writes: Last week, security experts at both Red Hat and Google found a new flaw in the glibc library used in most Linux systems that enables remote code execution. "Through this flaw, attackers could remotely crash or even force the execution of malicious code on machines without the knowledge of the end user," warns Red Hat's security blog, providing a list of affected products and services. Security expert Dan Kaminsky calls this flaw "unusually bad" and "a skeleton key of unknown strength." And Wolfgang Kandek, the CTO of cloud security provided Qualys, warns that "This is critical and will only get worse in the next couple of weeks."

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