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Comment Re:Cue the hipocrisy... (Score 1) 412

The problem is people keep blaming the fucking NSA when they are just doing what politicians ask them to do. ITS NOT THE NSAs fault. it's the fault of POLITICIANS that you people keep voting back into power. The PATRIOT ACT was not written by the NSA. Yet it's the NSA that keeps getting dumped on in places like slashdot and and the greater media in general. All the memes and talking points single out the NSA as the bogey man and not the fucking politicians that have tasked them to do shit they shouldn't be doing. BLAME THE FUCKING POLITICIANS for gods sake. instead of making jokes about the NSA spying on citizens how about making jokes about mccain, grayham, obama, bush, etc. It is they that deserve the bad name not the NSA. Jesus christ.

Comment Re:why qualify the nightclub as "gay"? (Score 1) 224

The problem with your argument is that the possession of arms is a constitutional right. Driving a car is a privilege not a right.
When you remove people constitutional rights they have to already have done something (due process you know) or it's unconstitutional. Privacy is a constitutional right. Requiring a license to use encryption because you may or may not be a terrorist is unconstitutional. This is not rocket science you know. Arguing for the government to take away people constitutional rights without due process on the 2nd amendment and vigorously arguing for them to preserve those rights on the 1st amendment is at the very least hypocritical. If you don't like certain rights granted by the constitution then argue for a constitutional convention to take away those rights.

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