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Comment Re:Legit Question (Score 2) 42

And some of the bad programming practices we see today is the result of developers jumping from one trendy language to the next while never taking the time to become proficient in any of them.
This is utter nonsense. Either you can program or you can't.
And jumping form language to language usually makes you a better programmer as you tend to learn to look at problems from different points of views.

We don't need more languages Of course we do. I rather write 4 lines of code in a new language than 40 line sin C or 400 in assembler.
we need better programmers. No we don't. Most programmers are good enough. We only need _more_ of the good ones. Not better ones.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 482

Depends what you call IT.

I do software architectures and hence have a close contact to IT. And for my work I do not need to know what a domain controller is.

As you where not able to give a three sentence explanation, I strongly suspect: you don't know either.

No, Macs and Linux machines don't need to be plugged to a "DC" ... perhaps you mean an LDAP server for user and rights management?

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 482

On a Mac thee is no "walled garden", you mix up iPhons/iPads with Computers.

And what actually do you lose "in the real world" is beyond me.

I'm lucky I have not to cope with computers that "don't work" ...

It is pretty dumb that people consider themselves superior because they get computer working "that don't work" ... I expect my computer to work and not to change "behaviour" unless I change some settings.

When I change settings, I know how to change them back. On a linux/unix box all settings are in git anyway ... no way to do that on Windows.

So good luck with your ignorance.

Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1) 482

There are no SSDs with PCIe interface.
That would not make any sense.

My Macs most certainly all have a standard SATA interface :D as it clearly shown in "About this Mac" > "System Report ..."

A PCIe slot is about the size of your edge of your palm, in length and thickness.

Comment Re:Nuclear research needed! (Score 1) 333

Well it is pretty pointless to argue with one who has made up his mind and does not listen to facts or arguments.

How much seacoast is there, and how much transmission loss is there getting it to places with no seacoast?
The losses are the same as any long distance power transfer, so why do you care? (Hint: you can google how much it is, and the value is astonishing low)

However, multi-junction cells and some of the highest efficiency cells are built on substrates of rare earths. That is wrong. Because they are made from Silicon, too; or Gallium Arsenid. Rare Earths would actually destroy them, facepalm.

Only thin film solar cells use rare earth elements. So does any laptop battery ... go figure. "Rare earth" is just a name those elements got 100 years ago, they are not rare.

Actually PV is best built in areas with maximum days of sun and away from obstructions that might interfere with solar coverage.
Like parking lots, roofs of buildings etc ... aka in cities. So I see we agree. Finally.

Except the waste from the mine would be controlled differently. What waste does a mine have that only mines stones and grinds them to sand to be refined into metals? (*facepalm*)

The amount of energy we produce with biomass is big enough that it is a majour player in the balancing power market.
So your idea of a "major player" and mine are somewhat different.

No they are not. You are simply bad in reading or lack some understanding: do you know what "balancing power" is?
As said before and made it now bold again: balancing power (or reserve power). In germany biomass is a majour player in balancing power. No idea what biomass plants you have, burning wood is imho not a good idea but waste.
Please stop mixing up your retarded energy market with the rest of the worlds.

Will locals or government ALLOW you to build there?
The same problem you have with nukes ...

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 482

A domain controller is not an LDAP server ... it is something different.
No idea what it actually does.

Obviously if you want a directory service for user management you need LDAP or a similar thing: (*facepalm*). That is a no brainer.

E.g. my latest Win2000 machine stopped booting at some point in time ... waited 45 minutes until it gave up to "find its domain controller" ... it never had one. I had to google and switch a toggle in the registry to fix it. Guess what? The problem reappeared every few weeks (before that the machine run just fine for 5 years)

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 482

Macs don't need any endusers or tech staff to figure out what is wrong and fix it.
Your idea how stuff works is bollocks.
You configure them once and then they run, just like any ither unix box does.
So your idea bout costs is just bollocks, too.

The only stuff I need google for to 'fix' something on my Mac is when an AppleScript does not work as expected.

Comment Re:B*llshit (Score 1) 482

Fanbois usually don't know much about computers.
Hence this term was coined by the /. crowed.
It really surprises me that so many Windows users can not accept that *n*x is less hassle. Regardless what you substitute for the stars.
Mac or Linux or Solaris users don't have problems a typical Windows user has ...

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 482

Actually 40% sounds like a relatively low number.
Regarding your argument 'they are doing something wrong', obvioulsy that was ocer the course if a year. So it is completely reasonable that over the course of a year 40 of 100 windows users have issues that require tech support.
I actually allways have a windows issue when I come into a new company and only have a windows machine, so that can add up to 4 - 10 times a year.
No idea why windwos simply does not work ... none of the unixes I work with ever had any issues unless I did a mistake myself, which I usually can fix myself.

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